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OpenRaid provides cross-realm raiding support for World of Warcraft and some excellent PvP groups. Get the best out of your games through OpenRaid. We will be supporting other games in the near future as well.



OpenRaid is all about the strength of its community. We have a constantly growing userbase with a variety of goals that we help them accomplish. Our users can communicate via our live chat or on our forums. They can help the community expand with quality using our ratings and reputation systems.


Privacy & Security

OpenRaid takes the protection of your information extremely seriously. The only information that we request is an email address for your OpenRaid account so we can stay in touch and send you (optional!) notifications. We fully support Battletags in World of Warcraft.

"OpenRaid have given me a great opportunity to make new and strong friendships while filling those dreaded boring nights with entertaining and challenging raids."
A World of Warcraft player