OpenRaid - [Soldris] Firelands 10H Week10


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Relaxed atmosphere where players do not require any instruction to complete content.


Content is clearly explained before each pull, many wipes may be possible while learning the encounter as a team.


Brief explanations may be given, but players are expected to understand fight mechanics and how their role/class is played. Some wipes may be possible while progressing.


All players are expected to be geared and knowledgeable about all aspects of the encounter. Wipes and mistakes may cause players to be replaced.

[Soldris] Firelands 10H Week10

StartSun 11 August 2013, 01:44  End 02:59 (GMT+1)
Type Intermediate Raid   Difficulty (10 man)
Faction  Alliance  Region  US
Item Level 480+  Character Level 90+
LootMasterloot  Cross-realm Enabled  
Short link: Raid leader Soldris

What we're doing...

Weekly Firelands heroic run for transmog and the legendary staff.

Embers: Buttflame
Cinders: Soldris
Siphons: Light

To reserve transmog items (not tier), leave a comment with what specific items you want to reserve. Mounts will be raid rolled. I will /roll 10 and master loot the mount to the person in that position on my raid frames.

Add me on Stefan#1225 and whisper me for an invite. Please be on early.

Vent is required! We will be using the OpenRaid provided Vent. The details are:

Port: 3784
Password: raidopen

Please log in before signing up for this raid.

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Approved Roster (9/10)

This is a list of approved players that are joining this event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Owner     Soldris   Aug 4th, 03:19
Yes     Sylentknight   Aug 8th, 16:32
Yes     Ragetank   Aug 8th, 19:52
Yes     Swiftshock   Aug 4th, 17:51
Yes     Occamrazor   Aug 4th, 03:25
Yes     Ursinerate   Aug 4th, 03:35
Yes     Wooffie   Aug 4th, 03:36
Yes     Aurae   Aug 9th, 03:59
Yes     Morokai   Aug 9th, 21:37

Reserves Roster (1)

This roster will show you members who are not guaranteed a spot in the event, but players will be online and available for the event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Mennzo   Aug 9th, 23:23

Available (3)

This roster will show you who has signed up, including people who have unsigned later.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Athinna   Aug 11th, 01:12
Yes     Salsa   Aug 5th, 19:31
Yes     Gungrir   Aug 10th, 23:38

Cancelled Roster (3)

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Tanks: 2 / 2 (3 reserves) Healers: 3 / 2 (3 reserves) Damage Dealers: 5 / 6 (3 reserves)

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On Aug 11th, 2013 01:42 Report
Id like mandible of Belth and uncrushable belt of fury
character image
On Aug 10th, 2013 22:08 Report
If there are reservations going out, I'd like to reserve warlock tier lookalikes/tier pieces (w/o being greedy, of course! :)
character image
On Aug 9th, 2013 21:37 Report
I would like to reserve the following please: Head: Helm of Blazing Glory Drops off Baleroc Heroic Gloves: Flickering Handguards Drop off Baleroc Heroic Boots: Cracked Obsidian Stompers Drops off Lord Ryolith Heroic
character image
On Aug 9th, 2013 04:00 Report
Would like to reserve Crown of Flame from Rag and Craterflame Spaulders from Alysrazor
character image
On Aug 4th, 2013 13:08 Report
Can't make it this week. My family will be in town visiting.

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