OpenRaid - NM MSV & DS HM, Week #54


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Relaxed atmosphere where players do not require any instruction to complete content.


Content is clearly explained before each pull, many wipes may be possible while learning the encounter as a team.


Brief explanations may be given, but players are expected to understand fight mechanics and how their role/class is played. Some wipes may be possible while progressing.


All players are expected to be geared and knowledgeable about all aspects of the encounter. Wipes and mistakes may cause players to be replaced.

NM MSV & DS HM, Week #54

StartSat 16 November 2013, 03:59  End 06:59 (GMT+1)
Type Beginner Raid   Difficulty 10 man Heroic (10 man)
Faction  Alliance  Region  US
Item Level 475+  Character Level 90+
LootMasterloot  Cross-realm Enabled  
Short link: Raid leader Æléxtrazio

What we're doing...

Will be clearing Heroic Dragon Soul & Normal Mogu Shan Vaults all the way through.

I will only have ML On if someone requests to reserve a item, I will also have ML On for Madness & Ultraxion just in case mounts drop. (I have all 3 mounts & meta mount so I won't be needing any of them).

Min Exp required is 8/8 NM (Go study fights on Youtube) People who have HM Experience will have priority coming to this raid. I will also check your Openraid profiles to see that you have substantial experience.

For MSV, If you have substantial experience. I will accept you.
This is not a carrying run, Underperformers will be removed & replaced.

We will NOT BE WIPING if an achievement is failed. This is a SPEED run. Below are some achievement you MAY expect to gain:

Achievements you may expect to get on the run:
- Don’t Stand So Close To Me
- Ping Pong Champion
- Minutes To Midnight
- Chromatic Champion (4 criteria needed to be completed over 4 different runs.)
- All (Heroic) Boss achievements. (From DS).
-And... It's Good!

People who has Savior will Only be allowed to roll on the HM Madness Mount, 8/8 NM Exp required to Roll on Blazing Drake & The Ultraxion Mount. I will ask to put up the required titles for bosses that could possibly drop a mount.

Sign up if interested.

Progress on weeks of Dragon Soul led by me:

Rogue Legendaries finished: 2
Life-Binders Handmaiden: 0
Experimental 12-B: 1
Blazing Drale: 0

The Ability to hear in voice communication is needed or you risk losing your spot
We'll be using OpenRaid Mumble for all my events from now on.
Mumble Details:
I.P Address:
Port: 64738
Password: raidopen
Must have mumble or risk losing your spot to someone else

Please log in before signing up for this raid.

Loot is not automatically given out for this event. Please make sure you read the loot rules listed in the information tab. When in doubt: please ask the raid leader!

Buff indicator

Approved Roster (9/10)

This is a list of approved players that are joining this event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Owner     Æléxtrazio   Nov 9th, 19:33
Yes     Kalifar   Nov 9th, 19:43
Yes     Sushalidin   Nov 10th, 00:26
Yes     Trunnks   Nov 13th, 07:00
Yes     Youngbelcro   Nov 9th, 21:07
Yes     Tillen   Nov 11th, 02:09
Yes     Momma   Nov 11th, 05:57
Yes     Aryabhatta   Nov 11th, 14:22
Yes     Geers   Nov 15th, 16:23

Available (2)

This roster will show you who has signed up, including people who have unsigned later.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Evierina   Nov 12th, 01:39
Yes     Redrum   Nov 16th, 03:27

Cancelled Roster (2)

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Removed due to no-show (1)

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Tanks: 2 / 2 (3 reserves) Healers: 3 / 2 (3 reserves) Damage Dealers: 5 / 6 (3 reserves)

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character image
On Nov 16th, 2013 03:53 Report
online now,, was watching time
character image
On Nov 16th, 2013 03:12 Report
I'm fine with rolling.
character image
On Nov 16th, 2013 02:31 Report
i am fine with a /roll if he is.
character image
On Nov 16th, 2013 01:57 Report
Oh hell, I've seem to have missed that there were 2 people wanted 2 different platforms, mistake on my part unfortunately, do you mind if you & the rogue /roll for it? Otherwise I gunna have to put 1 of you on reserve.
character image
On Nov 16th, 2013 01:12 Report
Just want to see which platform we will be starting from, in the comments I said i would like to start from nord as it is the last i need. Thanks
character image
On Nov 15th, 2013 14:30 Report
I can bring my main to MSV which is a healer / dps spec560ish. But wanted to bring just my 85 Dk alt into H. DS to gear him up for a competition
character image
On Nov 15th, 2013 10:19 Report
Full for current roster, will let you guys know if there are any no-shows.
character image
On Nov 12th, 2013 18:07 Report
LF 2 Heals then roster will be full.

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