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Relaxed atmosphere where players do not require any instruction to complete content.


Content is clearly explained before each pull, many wipes may be possible while learning the encounter as a team.


Brief explanations may be given, but players are expected to understand fight mechanics and how their role/class is played. Some wipes may be possible while progressing.


All players are expected to be geared and knowledgeable about all aspects of the encounter. Wipes and mistakes may cause players to be replaced.


Guild run for <Dragon Raiders Xtreme>
StartWed 26 February 2014, 03:59  End 05:44 (GMT+1)
Type Beginner Raid   Difficulty 10 man Heroic (10 man)
Faction  Alliance  Region  US
Item Level 490+  Character Level 90+
LootMasterloot  Cross-realm Enabled  
Short link: Raid leader Haidezeh

What we're doing...

HEROIC MSV10 run hosted by Dragon Raiders Xtreme. This will be our guild's first attempt at heroic.

MUMBLE required, loot will be master loot (all loot is open to rolls unless a pattern drops that nobody in the raid can use on the toon they are present with, in which case it goes to the host guild's bank. If a piece of gear isn't needed by anyone for main or off spec, and the host guild has an enchanter present, it will be disenchanted, and the mats go to the host guild's bank.)

NOTE: If you sign up, be ON TIME. I've even replaced my guild master with a reservist, so don't push it on time. If I haven't heard from you at start time, you will be replaced!

Confirmations/invites may be handled by either my guild master or my guild's other raid leader, so watch out for invites from one of them. In the event of my having to work late, they may even start and/or lead the raid in my place.

Will confirm final roster about one hour before raid time.

Please log in before signing up for this raid.

Loot is not automatically given out for this event. Please make sure you read the loot rules listed in the information tab. When in doubt: please ask the raid leader!

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Approved Roster (1/10)

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Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Owner     Haidezeh   Feb 25th, 05:00

Available (9)

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Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Moderator     Codex   Feb 25th, 18:00
Yes     Malagwyn   Feb 25th, 05:11
Yes     Armitage   Feb 25th, 13:40
Yes     Baelfíre   Feb 25th, 15:19
Yes     Createfile   Feb 25th, 16:37
Yes     Larå   Feb 25th, 17:39
Yes     Icharisflame   Feb 25th, 20:00
Yes     Urzakai   Feb 26th, 00:03
Maybe     Cathala   Feb 25th, 13:41

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Tanks: 2 / 2 (3 reserves) Healers: 3 / 2 (3 reserves) Damage Dealers: 5 / 6 (3 reserves)

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On Feb 26th, 2014 04:13 Report
I'm guessing that something is happening thatwill make the start time a bit later? I am on but havent seen any battletag invites so i'm just waiting around for that or a cancellation notice.
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On Feb 26th, 2014 03:57 Report
i'm around if you need me
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On Feb 26th, 2014 02:58 Report
Sorry for disappearing but I'm feeling pretty horrible right now and don't think I will last till raid time. This came up pretty suddenly otherwise I would have canceled sooner.

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