OpenRaid - Level 100 Neutral!


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Level 100 Neutral!

StartWed 4 March 2015, 01:00  End 01:45 (GMT+1)
Type Casual Raid   Difficulty 10 man (10 man)
Faction  Alliance  Region  US
Item Level 1+  Character Level 10+
LootNeed before Greed  Cross-realm Enabled  
Short link: Raid leader Doubleagent

What we're doing...

Invites will go out starting about 15 minutes before raid. I will likely be on a before start time, so feel free to join in early. Due to this being a Neutral raid please whisper for invite (Can't auto-invite since the toon you sign up on will not be neutral). :) Unlike the Level 90 raid where we met at the Temple, I intend to start this one at the Training Grounds [where you first spawn] you will need to do the first couple quests beforehand in order to open the path outside (Which should be done anyway, since you need to be level 10 to be in the raid group).

The plan is to have a little tour of the isle before turning 100 next to one of the nodes, just to be a little reminiscent of the Level 90 event.

My own personal "World First" of hitting 100 while neutral/without a faction.

If the raid somehow gets full, you can still join in by rolling a Pandaren on Mannoroth or one of the realms it is connect or cross-realmed with. Please include the name and realm of the Pandaren you intend to attend on when you sign up in your comment.

1. Pandaren are the only race that can attend this event.
2. You will need a level 10 or higher pandaren for this event (Raid group restriction of level 10)
3. That pandaren must not yet left the Wandering Isle or otherwise chosen a faction.
4. There will be no summons as there are no Pandaren Warlocks and no summoning stones on the isle.

This event will be likely be recorded to possibly be uploaded later to my youtube channel.

Streamed live on:

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Approved Roster (9/10)

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Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Owner     Doubleagent   Jun 28th, 01:22
Moderator     Tszura   Oct 23rd, 00:27
Yes     Rainstilln   Mar 1st, 19:00
Yes     Grothem   Mar 1st, 22:40
Yes     Tausir   Mar 2nd, 22:47
Yes     Elandimete   Mar 2nd, 23:35
Yes     Gadazlian   Mar 3rd, 00:40
Yes     CerseĆ­   Mar 3rd, 03:29
Yes     Gnorm   Mar 3rd, 23:46

Available (2)

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Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Stabhaa   Mar 1st, 17:09
Yes     Claws   Mar 3rd, 05:40

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Tanks: 2 (3 reserves) Healers: 3 (3 reserves) Damage Dealers: 5 / 10 (3 reserves)

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On Mar 4th, 2015 01:59 Report
Congrats on level 100! A fun time was had. See you next expansion!
character image
On Mar 4th, 2015 00:50 Report
think i've added all battletags can't do openraid invite since we're neutral so whisper for invite i'm currently in game in starting area
character image
On Mar 3rd, 2015 03:25 Report
Even though I have it listed as 10 man I will have a group of 40 (provided there is enough to fill it) when people whisper for invites. I just didn't want to have to delete a bunch of people from my btag to add more since the limit is still 100. I'm hoping some other people will start secondary raid groups if necessary to help track things.
character image
On Mar 2nd, 2015 23:33 Report
So excited to see you hit 100. My little monk has been waiting ever so patiently on the isle for it.
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On Mar 2nd, 2015 14:40 Report
Trial accounts would be eligible to come, but it's a little hard to invite them unless they are there when I'm doing invites to random people, Someone might start up a second raid group if mine gets full, it happened last time anyway.
character image
On Mar 2nd, 2015 14:38 Report
Damn, wish I could play on US servers to see this, that's darned epic!!
character image
On Mar 1st, 2015 21:51 Report
Going to level up my panda when I get home! haha
character image
On Mar 1st, 2015 20:11 Report
I'll try to be there! Just made a Pandaren named "Cranky" on that realm.
character image
On Mar 1st, 2015 19:00 Report
So excited to be there as you hit another milestone! Woo!
character image
On Mar 1st, 2015 13:58 Report
I suspect that'll be the case with a few people being that there is a fairly new raid out.

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