OpenRaid - Epic WoW Battle R1 - Horde


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Relaxed atmosphere where players do not require any instruction to complete content.


Content is clearly explained before each pull, many wipes may be possible while learning the encounter as a team.


Brief explanations may be given, but players are expected to understand fight mechanics and how their role/class is played. Some wipes may be possible while progressing.


All players are expected to be geared and knowledgeable about all aspects of the encounter. Wipes and mistakes may cause players to be replaced.

Epic WoW Battle R1 - Horde

StartSat 20 September 2014, 17:59  End 20:59 (GMT+1)
Type Casual Raid   Difficulty 25 man Normal (25 man)
Faction  Horde  Region  US
Item Level 1+  Character Level 90+
LootNeed before Greed  Cross-realm Enabled  
Short link: Raid leader Serenity

What we're doing...

Team Horde - Led by BrutallStatic
OpenRaid is proud to host the "Retro Raid Races" of FinalBossTV and BrutallStatic's Epic WoW Battles of History. This is a series that features head-to-head match ups where the Alliance and Horde duke it out doing crazy awesome things in the World of Warcraft.

The Retro Raid Races will consist of a Horde vs. Alliance raid team, battling against a timer to complete a series of Classic, Burning Crusade, Wrath & Cataclysm Raids before the other team. At the conclusion of all three events, one team leader will be crowned the victor!

For more information about this event, visit

Week #1's theme is "Paint It Black" where we will be delving into the following raid instances:
· [Vanilla] Blackwing Lair
· [TBC] The Black Temple & Sunwell Plateau
· [Wrath] Onyxia's Lair & Icecrown Citadel
· [Cata] The Bastion of Twilight & Blackwing Decent
Please ensure that you are not saved to ANY of the 7 raids above prior to the event!

This event will be broadcast LIVE on Twitch at:

Battle Tag requests will go out from the OpenRaid staff leader 60 minutes prior to raid time; Invites will begin 30 minutes before raid time. We will pull in Reserves 10 minutes prior to start time.

This event WILL be recorded/live streamed on the internet. Your voice and virtual likeness may be viewed or recorded by individuals not involved with OpenRaid. OpenRaid is not responsible nor liable for any issues arising from your involvement in this transmission or recording.

Brutall's Twitter:
Brutall's Twitch:
Brutall's YouTube:

Please log in before signing up for this raid.

Loot is not automatically given out for this event. Please make sure you read the loot rules listed in the information tab. When in doubt: please ask the raid leader!

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Approved Roster (25/25)

This is a list of approved players that are joining this event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Moderator     Brutall   Sep 13th, 20:18
Moderator     Smooshie   Sep 14th, 05:50
Yes     Teddyruxpins   Sep 15th, 21:53
Yes     Zertishaman   Sep 14th, 22:02
Yes     Martnara   Sep 15th, 00:09
Yes     Nanobii   Sep 19th, 00:25
Yes     Cynor   Sep 20th, 00:44
Yes     Malyr   Sep 14th, 20:47
Yes     Zalboas   Sep 14th, 21:06
Yes     Zant   Sep 14th, 21:21
Yes     Fantunes   Sep 14th, 21:54
Yes     Crodar   Sep 14th, 22:37
Yes     Spàmsmolytic   Sep 15th, 01:32
Yes     Vardamir   Sep 15th, 03:19
Yes     Atomicspoon   Sep 15th, 02:58
Yes     Smellyfeét   Sep 15th, 03:44
Yes     Kïo   Sep 15th, 05:11
Yes     Rastafaree   Sep 15th, 05:47
Yes     Walksalone   Sep 15th, 07:30
Yes     Hippölyte   Sep 15th, 07:43
Yes     Gairie   Sep 15th, 11:04
Yes     Redjellybëan   Sep 15th, 13:29
Yes     Zèús   Sep 19th, 04:24
Yes     Bloodlizzard   Sep 19th, 04:45
Yes     Lÿlÿth   Sep 19th, 07:48

Reserves Roster (11)

This roster will show you members who are not guaranteed a spot in the event, but players will be online and available for the event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Darrie   Sep 14th, 18:59
Yes     Divinas   Sep 15th, 17:52
Yes     Nesaru   Sep 20th, 06:05
Yes     Gatlek   Sep 17th, 00:21
Yes     Artemishowl   Sep 16th, 05:27
Yes     Holyfox   Sep 16th, 18:34
Yes     Verlichten   Sep 16th, 19:30
Yes     Gracin   Sep 16th, 19:49
Yes     Basshoof   Sep 20th, 00:45
Yes     Calan   Sep 20th, 02:43
Maybe     Joker   Sep 15th, 01:52

Available (2)

This roster will show you who has signed up, including people who have unsigned later.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Deathbetraye   Sep 20th, 17:23
Yes     Rodá   Sep 20th, 17:23

Cancelled Roster (6)

View all cancelled sign ups.


Tanks: 2 / 2 (3 reserves) Healers: 3 / 4 (3 reserves) Damage Dealers: 5 / 19 (3 reserves)

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character image
On Sep 20th, 2014 17:04 Report
BTags sent to approved roster! (Look for YetiCat)
character image
On Sep 20th, 2014 17:01 Report
i dont know how i managed it but i guess i wasnt thinking, did ony on my shaman, can bring my druid, he's attuned and everything
character image
On Sep 19th, 2014 04:15 Report
Get attuned!!!
character image
On Sep 18th, 2014 18:00 Report
Correct. I believe you still need to do the attunement quest to quickly enter at the orb.
character image
On Sep 18th, 2014 04:07 Report
To enter BWL, attunement is still required, correct? Or was that finally taken out?

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