OpenRaid - Beefius N Archie + Heroic HFC


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Relaxed atmosphere where players do not require any instruction to complete content.


Content is clearly explained before each pull, many wipes may be possible while learning the encounter as a team.


Brief explanations may be given, but players are expected to understand fight mechanics and how their role/class is played. Some wipes may be possible while progressing.


All players are expected to be geared and knowledgeable about all aspects of the encounter. Wipes and mistakes may cause players to be replaced.

Beefius N Archie + Heroic HFC

StartSun 21 February 2016, 23:00  End 02:00 (GMT+1)
Type Beginner Raid   Difficulty Normal (10-30)
Faction  Horde  Region  US
Item Level 700+  Character Level 100+
LootPersonal loot  Cross-realm Enabled  
Short link: Raid leader Beefstewz

What we're doing...

Anyone that is signed up for the raid, please be aware of the following:


This will be a Normal Archimonde run.

After which we will switch to Heroic bosses, starting at Heroic Tyrant, with a boss order looking more or less

Tyrant > Iskar > Fel Lord > Xhul > Manny > Socrethar

We are making progression with a goal of downing Heroic Archimonde. If you have not raided with us previously and are interested in joining, here are some criteria that I consider that you should more or less meet:

-12/13 Normal (Knowledge on Iskar, Xhul, Fel Lord and Tyrant Mechanics are a must)
-legendary ring
- at least 2 piece bonus of Tier 18
-obviously full enchants and gems

I will expecting approximately minimum of 38k DPS on single targets. If you are not performing up to that standard I may ask you to sit out for certain fights, please don't be surprised.

Being able to hear on Vent is mandatory for all raiders. Any prospective off tank will also be expected to have a mic and must be comfortable communicating with the raid. If you have not played with me before please make sure to add a description with spec/stats and experience/goals.

Lootstyle will be set to PERSONAL. Before you roll your eyes don't forget to check out the statements regarding the buffs Blizz is giving to personal loot for 6.2 on drop rates (yay).

If you are approved, its is your responsibility to be on 10 minutes before raid time. If you are already on my battle tag list, you will know I typically send out an announcement to whisper me for an invite. Please whisper something along the lines "I am approved", please say approved specifically. If you whispered me and I did not respond, I'm not ignoring you :o, it just hard to keep track when I'm creating raid. Please whisper me every 60 seconds that you are on the approved list so I don't miss you! If I have not given you a battle tag invite yet please make sure that you post a comment 5 minutes prior to raid start time on the event list. I will check the comment section at raid start time to see if I missed anyone, if the comment is not there, you risk losing your spot!

Please log in before signing up for this raid.

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Approved Roster (21/30)

This is a list of approved players that are joining this event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Owner     Beefstewz   Feb 15th, 23:33
Yes     Hauvonna   Feb 20th, 09:20
Yes     Maplefìre   Feb 18th, 15:28
Yes     Canopia   Feb 18th, 03:27
Yes     Davwin   Feb 16th, 12:12
Yes     Askiastout   Feb 16th, 22:55
Yes     Laupess   Feb 17th, 19:43
Yes     Faedrela   Feb 17th, 22:58
Yes     Ozri   Feb 18th, 05:01
Yes     Riketts   Feb 18th, 23:29
Yes     Xarnen   Feb 19th, 00:33
Yes     Courvöisier   Feb 19th, 01:52
Yes     Marszha   Feb 19th, 05:15
Yes     Pokeey   Feb 19th, 17:25
Yes     Cintrollella   Feb 19th, 17:37
Yes     Konphlicted   Feb 19th, 17:49
Yes     Príbble   Feb 20th, 15:16
Yes     Loremis   Feb 20th, 16:53
Yes     Thrallusson   Feb 20th, 17:44
Yes     Eklypsis   Feb 21st, 16:15
Yes     Warlockdirty   Feb 21st, 21:55

Reserves Roster (1)

This roster will show you members who are not guaranteed a spot in the event, but players will be online and available for the event.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Liketea   Feb 21st, 22:22

Available (3)

This roster will show you who has signed up, including people who have unsigned later.

Signed? Name   Changed Approved?
Yes     Disma   Feb 21st, 22:36
Yes     Bumbuhclot   Feb 19th, 17:23
Yes     Emeraldfever   Feb 21st, 20:43

Cancelled Roster (1)

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Tanks: 2 / 2 (3 reserves) Healers: 3 / 7 (3 reserves) Damage Dealers: 5 / 21 (3 reserves)

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character image
On Feb 21st, 2016 21:54 Report
change of plans daddy my mother is keeping her another night so i will be able to be there going to be playing rocket league but ill still be on bnet app so message me when you are starting group
character image
On Feb 21st, 2016 18:03 Report
This is Dirty I'm not 100% sure if i will be able to be there. I have to pick up my daughter from my moms later but i'll try to be back for raid
character image
On Feb 15th, 2016 23:35 Report
Make sure you brush up on your Tyrant strategy, she'll be the first Heroic boss. Make sure you know how to step out of the fire thingies in phase 1 and mechanics for the .... AoE pulsing thingies in phase 2!

New: Alt Spec

If you'd like to join with your alternative specialization, you can use this field. Note that if you use this field, the event leader can change your role! The event leader will select the role you are needed as. Please make sure you prepare for the correct role. Your role may change at any time.