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Character Summary Legion Progression Info

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Re: Character Summary Legion Progression Info

Postby crp5591 » View crp5591's OpenRaid characters » Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:36 pm

LilDoughBoy81 wrote:Wow, this site is dog sh*t since the zergid buyout. Very, very few events, still no support for legion raids (x-pack has been out since, what, August?) These guys that took over either don't care about the community here, or they have no idea how to run a site like this. Either way, this place is dead as disco. It's a shame, too. In Mists and Warlords I used this site daily, cleared many raids that I wouldn't have been able to (my guild has only 5-6 everyday players), and met many good people. Since the takeover, however, nothing. Thanks again zergid, you ruined what was once a great place.

I would agree... I keep coming back to check and STILL NO LEGION PROGRESSION INTEGRATION!!!

7.2 drops TOMORROW! We are at the LAST PATCH of the Legion expansion and we are STILL having this conversation?

OpenRaid is dead... which is a shame.. I cleared so much, got much loot through runs posted on OR back in MOP and WoD. I will miss that!

In-game LFG raids are NOWHERE as successful as OpenRaid events were as there is zero accountability / reputation at stake in LFG. THAT is what made this system so good!

Thanks ZergID!
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