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OpenRaid feats not up to date ex. level requirements

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OpenRaid feats not up to date ex. level requirements

Postby Sabotage200 » View Sabotage200's OpenRaid characters » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:43 am

Hello ^^
I apologise if this has allready been discussed in another thread, Ive been looking around and not been able to find it if its has- would be happy to get a link if there is one.

Primarily I want to ask what is happening with OpenRaid features not being up to date, more specific the event level requirement error, where its not possible to set a lvl higher than 100? and why its not possible to set the raid to antorus, the burning throne?

I have been active on and of on OpenRaid since SoO, sometimes joining in others raids and sometimes to set up a few events for players who might like to join our guild raids. OpenRaid has been a really lovely way to play with new groups and include new players in our groups. I am not at all knowing about all the happenings with changing to zerg and how and why the active playerbase using OpenRaid has been reduced as much as it seems? I have wanted to keep being a participant here because I like the idea of it, like that its possible to build a group or community, set up guilds cross servers, and features where its possible to see players comments, history and rep. I want to underline I am aware there are very active groups here (good work :) ) My wonderings are mostly about the lacking update of event features, whats going on?
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