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Error Message when logging in

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Error Message when logging in

Postby Sutehp » View Sutehp's OpenRaid characters » Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:34 pm

Posting to inform the Admin of the following message I got when trying to search for Neall's raids:

"Hold on!
The link you clicked seemed to be malicious! There was 'post' data or feedback data sent from an external site. The site has been stopped processing your request to avoid damage to your account. If this comes in error, your browser may not be sending the correct referers. Please check your browser plugins in that case.

It could also be that you are using a possibly unsafe proxy server. Please do not use a proxy server when accessing OpenRaid. If you have no other way to access OpenRaid, please mail with your account name to be exempt from this check.

Please report this on the forum right away. Administrators have been notified of this event."
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