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Project 100 - HFC Mythic Raiding Team

Guild recruitment for European realms.

Project 100 - HFC Mythic Raiding Team

Postby Prime13 » View Prime13's OpenRaid characters » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:49 pm

Hello everyone. So, to spare you a lenghty forum post people won't bother reading, I'm heading a cross-realm team of lvl 100 twinks and we do WoD PvE content, mainly HFC raid and mythic dungeons. About a month or two ago, we started progressing through HFC HC and we got done with that difficulty so now we're very interested in mythic HFC progress.

That being said, we're now in the process of recruiting more players to join this core mythic team. Many of our players are able and comfortable playing different roles (if their class allows them to do this) so if you're interested in joining you can really choose any role & class and we'll make room for you. Idealy, we would like a few dps and maybe a player or two who can also play dps, but are able to go heal if we need it.

Now, to quickly finish up with some general info. I should probably mention that since this is a cross realm team and we're gathering of our players on discord and a battle net group we have. Another thing to note is that we are on Horde side. Our raid days are Sunday & Tuesday from 20:30 - 23:00 (CET).

That would be all. If you're interested in joining us add me on battle net: Khazark#21615
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