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US(A) stormrage guild looking to recruit to push mythic

Guild recruitment for European realms.

US(A) stormrage guild looking to recruit to push mythic

Postby Mikey92199225 » View Mikey92199225's OpenRaid characters » Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:02 am

Drifters is a small guild of friends looking to push into casual mythic raiding. We just need a few exceptional players to fill a few spots. We are recruiting 1-2 healers and 3-4 DPS to round out our 20. We'd like a DK, warrior, WW monk, MM hunter, Bal druid, warlock,and/or a SPriest. We would prefer a H Pally and/or Priest for heals. We would like to trial people for 2 weeks for raids and M+'s to ensure you mesh with the group. Raid times are 8-10:30 or 11 PM EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are currently 11/11 Heroic. As soon as we round out our 20 mythic raiders, we plan to move the heroic clear to Monday for alts, etc and Mythic progression will be Tues/Thurs. We run lots of mythic plus dungeons every other day, group for questing and in general enjoy playing this game together. Many of us are real life friends and many of us have played together since Vanilla. All are mature adults (most of the time)! We request that people be respectful, friendly, and have fun. We require you to use the calendar for raid invites. Since we are small and we don’t intend to bench people, we will rely heavily on the calendar so we know who we might have to bring in to fill an empty spot. If we recruit you on your main to be a raider, you can bring alts, but we require your main to remain your raiding toon until a boss is on farm. No switching mains/main specs halfway through a tier while we are still progressing. If you play a flex toon and can effectively play more than one spec, you may be asked to switch specs if the need should arise. So example if you are balance, but can also heal and a healer is out, we may ask you to heal in a pinch. We have Discord, repairs, food, cauldrons, etc. We use the personal loot system. [/url][url] Any questions, contact us! we are always willing to Run keys 15+also
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