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EU-Frostmane-[A] ANV 2/9 Mythic AtBT recruiting

Guild recruitment for European realms.

EU-Frostmane-[A] ANV 2/9 Mythic AtBT recruiting

Postby Aethel » View Aethel's OpenRaid characters » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:39 pm

AnV was formed way back in 2007 and has been running successful 25 man raids ever since (transitioned to 20 man Mythic raiding, obviously).
We are a friendly, mature late night raiding guild with a casual approach to progression raiding. We recognize that real life takes precedence over the game and we will do our utmost to cater to individual requirements.

We have a good core team but we are always looking to add some skilled players who could bring improvements to our progress raiding.

We prioritize a fun and healthy guild atmosphere over pushing for immediate progression. As such, we use our guild forums for scheduling people for raids and rotate the squad with the intent of everyone having a chance to raid at least once/week.

Raiding goals

- Clear Heroic content and hit some Mythic, as far as possible while it's comfortable for all

Raiding time: 22:00 -00:00
Raiding days: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday

Progress :

2/11 Mythic AtBT
4/9 Mythic ToS
4/10 Mythic NH
7/7 Mythic EN
3/3 HC ToV

Healer, few open spots:

Ranged dps :

Balance druid
Elemental shaman

Melee dps :


As usual - all exceptional applications will be considered no mater on state of recruitment, so if you think we are perfect guild for you do apply!

We require all members are:
Mature and drama free
Prepared to wipe when learning a boss
Prepared for raiding - including appropriate gear, enchants, specs, flasks etc
Able to attend a large number of raids without dropping out (although we recognize that real life comes first)
Able to at least listen to Discord (we prefer it if you can also speak). Although and because we have members from all Europe. English is language that is in use when raiding.

We provide:
Ranking system where dedication is awarded
Fair loot distribution where everyone have chance to gear up pretty fast
Fun and social guild environment
Chance to see and experience most, if not every, in game encounter before it get nerfed!

In case you'd like to have a chat before applying feel free to send a request to any of the following:
Goneril#2442 - GM, anything guild or mage related
SjerpeAuw#2956 - healer role officer
Vismonk#2739 - melee dps/tank role officer
Agriel#2662 - ranged dps role officer

Guild forum is at and you can find more about guild there, as well as application template.
If it is possible please use in game name when registering, to avoid some further hassle.
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