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[EU] [H] <Paradigm> 6/11 M Recruiting/Joint Raiding AnBT

Guild recruitment for European realms.

[EU] [H] <Paradigm> 6/11 M Recruiting/Joint Raiding AnBT

Postby Wrathness » View Wrathness's OpenRaid characters » Sun May 27, 2018 8:15 pm

Paradigm is Raiding/Social guild on the realm Zenedar. We have a raiding history across 3 expansions with a core team that has raided together since WotLK. We are looking to recruit new committed DPS members to continue our progress prior to the launch of BFA. We are also open to having people join us cross server for this time period.

From paradigm you can expect a guild that isn't there to super tryhard you into the floor, we raid to enjoy ourselves. We as a group enjoy a relaxed environment that puts its gameface on for progress.

From you we require the ability to attend the raid times/days with little to no gaps. We require you to come fully prepared understanding the basics of the boss fights as an absolute minimum.

Raid Times:
Wednesday 20:15-23:15 (server time)
Thursday 20:15-23:15 (server time)
Sunday 20:15-23:15 (server time)

Contacting us:

If any of this interests you please contact me - Necro#2691
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