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Suggestion about being accepted or not in raid and will be launching a new site together in 2016 under the domain. Your suggestions matter!

Re: Suggestion about being accepted or not in raid

Postby Bluriel » View Bluriel's OpenRaid characters » Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:39 am

@OP - this is not a perfect system - either for raiders or raid leaders. But it is a pretty decent and fair one. And actually raiders get a lot more leniency than raid leaders do.

While I can understand your frustration about not being able to plan your personal life ahead - let me try to give you my perspective:

I'd OK with freezing confirms, reserves and whatnot for the raids I lead 24h before event IF ALL sign ups are NOT allowed under ANY circumstances to unsign my event TWELVE hours before without facing consequences (i.e. official penalty - losing rep). It would still be really bad for the RL. He/she would be forced to find replacement for w/e still needed in order to make the run a successful one, within 12h before raid start.

However - take a deep breath for a moment and consider the overall effects...

I'd probably survive as a raid leader - hell - I'd probably thrive. I have more than a couple of people I can ask favors from, and most play multiple roles to a decent if not good level. Some other current RLs are in similar or better positions.

But anyone who a is new(er) RL and/or does not have pocket tank(s)/healer(s)/<gasp> DPSers (yep - I've been known to miss DPS - who would have thought) would end up either denying a lot of people confirm/reserve status or cancelling the raid all together.

Now - I am a really casual friendly RL - and I do allow a lot of slack on account of RL to my "regulars" - and I'd continue to do so anyway. However, I also already have my own penalties for people who repeatedly unsign less than 6h before my raids, starting with putting them on reserve by default and ending up, after several "offenses", with (and yes - it did happen - more than once) banning them from my raids altogether. Quite sure a lot of the regular RLs have their own notebooks as well.

In this alternative universe - what do you think your chances would be to get into any raid considering each RL applies his/her customized rules on top of w/e is generally approved/recommended? Would these extra rules imposed on RLs really get you a better chance at joining raids?

I have said it a zillion times before - it is something I learnt a very long time ago - and it goes like ... "Lead, follow, or get the **** out of my way".

if you're unhappy with what the RLs are offering - start strongly considering leading your own raids. Who knows - maybe you have your own niche no one else is covering. Gods know we could use more RLs.

If you're not willing to lead - try finding a RL who suits your needs.

If you're unwilling/unable to do either of the above...
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Re: Suggestion about being accepted or not in raid

Postby Himela » View Himela's OpenRaid characters » Wed Jun 03, 2015 7:26 am

Under no circumstances do I want to sound ungrateful, I totally appreciate the effort of the raid leaders and I owe what I know from this new expansion to such a great leader. I will do as you all suggested. Thank you all for your replies. :)
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Re: Suggestion about being accepted or not in raid

Postby Drakestalker » View Drakestalker's OpenRaid characters » Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:15 am

Sapphirea wrote:Read the rules.

Sapphirea wrote:Read the rules.

Sapphirea wrote:read the rules,

Sapphirea wrote:And read the rules.

Sapphirea wrote:Most important of all: READ THE RULES. I cannot say this often enough. Read the rules.

Sapphirea wrote:comments on every attendee, maybe check what that is all about. In.... you guessed it... the rules.

Sapphirea wrote:depends on the kind of raid, which you can find in the rules, read them,

Sapphirea wrote:Read the rules, and you will find out more.


This is now officially my favorite OpenRaid post. This cannot be stressed enough. Yes, YES!



Bluriel wrote:"Lead, follow, or get the **** out of my way".

I'm gonna use that! That's brilliant.

Flame on!

"Those who make conversations impossible, make escalation inevitable."

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Re: Suggestion about being accepted or not in raid

Postby Rudox » View Rudox's OpenRaid characters » Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:46 am

yawerty wrote:Or you can, you know, voluntarily CANCEL your sign up if you weren't accepted 24 hour prior to the raid. Then nobody is forced to do anything, and it is as convenient for you as you desired.

I believe this to be the best course of action and from a raid leader perspective, I would like people to do that rather than me approving them 4 hours before the raid and them not showing up.

I don't like to give people a no-show rating, but I will if I have accepted them within at least 4-6 hours of raid start. It has happened that I approve someone within the last hour and if they don't show up, I will mark them not invited instead.

I agreed with Drakestalker, that the roster shouldn't be locked 24h before and personally I don't think a lock _of any time period_ would be beneficial. I've had b-net friends ask to join a raid and if I know they're on OR, I demand/ask them to sign up so that they may be rated and rate afterwards. That wouldn't be possible with any kind of roster lock that was above 10 minutes or so.
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