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Did we give up on on OpenRaid ? and will be launching a new site together in 2016 under the domain. Your suggestions matter!

Did we give up on on OpenRaid ?

Postby Katinas » View Katinas's OpenRaid characters » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:57 pm

Since Zerg id bought OpenRaid did we just give up on making the site better or at least up to date ?
I have asked several times, that when creating a raid we can set minimum toon level above 100

There still is no icon for the Nighthold raid and Tome of Sargeras is out shortly, I wonder if it will be the same question mark picture.

on the characters profile page we have not had a raid progression progress update since Hellfire Citadel

It all seem kinda sad, to think someone buys the site and then does absolutely nothing with it

If we are not working on improvement please just say so, so I can stop promoting the site on my podcast and/or even using OpenRaid as a recruiting tool. :(
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