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Can someone tell me how to complete Souls of the lost?

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Can someone tell me how to complete Souls of the lost?

Postby shiryuu28 » View shiryuu28's OpenRaid characters » Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:46 pm

Hi all,

I have been struggling on this achievement for a week now - and it is the last achievement i need to get the draenor dungeon achievement done.

I do not know if it is bug or what - I have literally try everything

- killing 2 ritual of bones, and boss within 5 seconds - no achieve
- killing 1 mob on the left and 1 on the right within 5 seconds - then burn the boss (the total time is about 7 seconds including boss kill time due to GCD) no achieve
- killing 2 mob on the centre - wait for the rest to despawn, then kill the boss - no achieve

Previously, based on wowhead, it seemed that the achieve is supposed to turn red during the boss fight, then turn white to tell you that the criteria is fulfiled. but now it is white the whole time.

I cant find any addon, or any script that allows me to see if i fulfil the slay 2 requirement.

I dont even know if they will ever look to fix it if it is bug - open a ticket and they politely tell me - you r f***ed - sorry - dev team is busy - just submit and hope for the best - oh and to always try again.... - even though i post screenshot that i have fulfill the requirement.
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