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OpenRaid Owners

Anything to do with World of Warcraft.

Re: OpenRaid Owners

Postby Amoondai » View Amoondai's OpenRaid characters » Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:13 am

how about an update? nothing has been posted in months...someone owns the site, tell us whats going on.
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Re: OpenRaid Owners

Postby Cassiopeia » View Cassiopeia's OpenRaid characters » Thu Nov 15, 2018 6:54 pm

I;m so happy OpenRaid is back! A few weeks ago I was horrified site was down.
People, we are community, let's make it ALIVE again! If we organize raids on OR, people will use it, maybe owners will start looking back at it again.
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Re: OpenRaid Owners

Postby misterchicky » View misterchicky's OpenRaid characters » Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:06 pm

Someone sent me an e-mail and asked me to log in and comment... I Can't get into my other account, but this one worked.. don't own OpenRaid anymore, but I can give you the basic summary of where it was and where I believe it is today.

OpenRaid was going to shut down towards the end of 2015. The original creator had a new job and couldn't support the site day to day. Zerg, Inc bought it to keep it alive and grow it's overall database with an eye towards creating a Zergid 2.0 that incorporated aspects of both sites. This was a slow going project, as the landscape kept changing.

Towards the middle of 2017 ZLT acquired Zerg. ZLT planned to launch its own gaming network incorporating AR/VR, they were working with an esports organization and picking up over 1MM users between the two sites made sense for them. They also wanted me to to join ZLT and work on certain entertainment properties and help plan the gaming arm. They originally planned to shut down Zergid and OpenRaid completely. I asked them to please keep OpenRaid up since it costs very little to run (just the cost of the server) and makes money. Zerg was a much more complicated site with multiple databases and required several servers and consistent maintenance, where OpenRaid operates on a single server and requires no one to be dedicated to it. They agreed to do that, but not to provide any support the site beyond just paying for the server. They don't have the staff to work on the site or the interest in it. I see people above saying they would be willing to donate money/time, but the site needs a COMPLETE overhaul which would cost tens of thousands of dollars (if not over 100K) and/or hundreds of hours of work by multiple skill sets. ZLT doesn't have the interest in doing it or coordinating it, so they will likely keep it open as long as it stays revenue positive. If it ever swings the other way, they will probably just shut it down.

I left ZLT a few months ago for a different project and because they are going in a completely different direction, but noticed a couple of weeks ago that someone had hacked in and redirected Zergid to a torrent site, so I texted them and they corrected the issue and wound up bringing OpenRaid back up. I don't know how long that will last. I know no one there even has a way to log in.

A couple of people have inquired into buying it and I have passed the offers along, but I didn't get a positive response, because ultimately, the size of the user base still has value, even if the site is completely shuttered. The TOS, Privacy Policies and Privacy Laws FORBID them from JUST selling the DB. The same rules forbid anyone from buying the site and selling the DB back. If you buy the site, you buy the database and the benefits and restrictions that come with it.

I wish I could pass along better news.. but I just don't see anything changing. So, I am sorry to say, the site is what it is.
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Re: OpenRaid Owners

Postby Phrick » View Phrick's OpenRaid characters » Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:56 pm

Thank you finally for a mostly official word.

That is regrettable as OR was superior to the in-game tools for a number of reasons.
In the meantime, my raid-team and I have settled into using in-game communities along with the in-game calendar quite well.

I think this does show there is still an interest in a community-driven raid scheduling tool, and I know our community is not lacking in talent. We would just need to somehow come up with the resources to create something new.

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Re: OpenRaid Owners

Postby Darrie » View Darrie's OpenRaid characters » Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:21 am

It’s so sad to see OR in this condition. The raid leaders who are still here, after all these years, through the mismanagement and security problems - you guys are the real heroes. It was always about the community for you and I hope that never changes. I’m proud of all of you.
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Re: OpenRaid Owners

Postby Worggy2 » View Worggy2's OpenRaid characters » Fri Nov 23, 2018 6:14 am

Thank you @misterchicky for the news sad as it may be. I have always used OpenRaid when I was active in wow but I see no point in trying to keep alive or even build a community here if the way it sounds there will be no support, no updates to the site, no anything. So if I were everyone else I would just find another option to build groups. I love OpenRaid but no point in investing your time into something that even the owners dont care about.

So I am pulling the plug on my groups they will be brought down sorry to those that were excited I returned. But if anyone has any interest in grouping with me or just a way to stay in contact with me Worggy#1983 is my btag.

Without OpenRaid I doubt I will continue raiding. Sounds silly but I guess the people on OpenRaid have spoiled me and I refuse to do groups in the group finder. I had groups on OpenRaid comparable to many guilds out there. So to those people I thank you for all the many years of good times.
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Re: OpenRaid Owners

Postby twistedsmf » View twistedsmf's OpenRaid characters » Sat Nov 24, 2018 11:19 pm

I feel as everyone else.

Anytime, I EVER used the LFG tool it was always a very miserable experience...

I met my current guild here!! (4 years ago.)

I still like coming here either to try and gear up a alt, Or maybe finish up a run on a boss my guild was having troubles with. (I always like to get AOTC done with each tier.)

Right now, My trouble is with the site. Even tho, Its back up finally. I can login with no problems? But my characters are all messed up. (We switched servers and went to Horde.)

So since there is no support, And the site is not letting me fix it on my own end. I guess I am stuck.

I even tried to make a brand new account, Added my characters? I get the same error message. I guess the site is still all messed up. (I see all kinds of broken image links.)

But with the current state of the site, With people having login issues and the like, It's going to make groups very hard to manage. Let alone fill up.

I would say the best way forward to the site, Would be just a total revamp. Just WIPE IT and start over. I know thats something nobody wants to read, But if that what it took to get us back to the right path again. The rep is not important. I can always build up again I guess. lol :p

Well anyways, I love this site and I hope we get the issues worked out.....

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Re: OpenRaid Owners

Postby Medievaldragon » View Medievaldragon's OpenRaid characters » Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:08 am

I used OpenRaid several times a few years ago. I always had a great experience. This was before the LFG/LFR tool was introduced into the game.

I was surprised to see OpenRaid back online just now. A few months ago the site was down, and thought it was dead.

Not sure what the new owners have in mind for OpenRaid, but with the World of Warcraft Classic in the horizon (2019), this site should see a huge influx of forum members coming back.

It is not Wow Classic if it has LFG/LFR tool added to it. Which makes OpenRaid viable.
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Re: OpenRaid Owners

Postby Galexander » View Galexander's OpenRaid characters » Sun Dec 02, 2018 12:50 pm

I'm gonna start with, this site was a breaktrough to some extent and probably this is why blizz developed the lfg tool. Having played for years on OpenRaid and having met tons of wonderful ppl makes me sad that it is going downhill. The reality of the thing is most people have limited time and prefer an insta join to an event rather than waiting and clearing their schedule. I even tried donating to OpenRaid but that also doesnt work. I will take a look from time to time to see how things progress, hope this has a happy ending! Best of luck!
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Re: OpenRaid Owners

Postby SiegaPlays » View SiegaPlays's OpenRaid characters » Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:34 pm

The LFG tools is fine enough for insta stuff with strangers -- but something like OpenRaid have its uses, especially for folks like me, who likes to get into semi regular scheduled groups without having to hunt down a guild that breaks down at the first sign of trouble at the start or end of an expansion.

I hope an alternative to OpenRaid appears, because unless Blizzard adds a working scheduling tool to crossrealm communities, I do not see much future in those communities. Blizzard communities need to attempt surplanting the scheduling strength of OpenRaid to be more useful than any number of VoIPs such as Discord.
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