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[Patch Update] How to get to 'My Events'

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[Patch Update] How to get to 'My Events'

Postby Elexias » View Elexias's OpenRaid characters » Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:29 pm

Today we have released new patch, we have removed few buttons as you can see, 'My History, My Events' are gone from homepage.


There are two ways to get to them:
1. 2 clicks way:
(Click on the Public Profile)

You should be redirected to page of your main character
and to get to example History (Click History)

2. Faster method with Custom Link:
(Click on My Preferences)

Scroll down a bit and find CUSTOM LINK

Find link you need (If you want to get to History page with 1 click put link of your History)

(Copy link of your history) Image

Now when you want to get to your history just click on Custom Link button and you should be redirected to page you have typed as a Custom Link

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