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OpenRaid Rules and Regulations

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OpenRaid Rules and Regulations

Postby Darrie » View Darrie's OpenRaid characters » Sun May 13, 2012 2:46 pm

OpenRaid Rules and Expectations for Members:

We are not Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.; Please read Blizzard's Code of Conduct Legal Documentation for further details regarding Blizzard’s products and services.

What we expect from our users;


Please use OpenRaid responsibly. We are a family site, appealing to all ages, and therefore cannot tolerate actions which may offend or upset some of our audiences. OpenRaid is a private entity and reserves all rights to terminate your account or your site access without warning and at our sole discretion. In other words, you retain no "rights" to use OpenRaid.

The following actions may result in Termination of your account without warning:

  • Racism, Sexism, Homophobia or any excessive abusive and/or insulting behavior
  • Purposeful and intended abuse of the reputation system, rating system or attendance system (for example: creating multiple raids in the same time period).
  • Harassment of OpenRaid Members or OpenRaid Staff through any avenue of communication on OpenRaid (such as PMs, Tickets, Emails, Chat, Forums, Comments etc).
  • Any buying or selling activity outside of OpenRaid’s Buying, Selling & Boosting Policy (See Buying, Selling & Boosting Policy Policy below for more details)
  • Spamming or trolling on OpenRaid Voice Chat (See OpenRaid Voice Chat below for full rules)
Bans can be issued for the OpenRaid Website, or our Voice Chat servers, or both.

Attempting to bypass a ban by creating multiple accounts will result in a ban on all active accounts.

Buying, Selling & Boosting Policy

On OpenRaid we do NOT tolerate the buying and selling of raid spaces, mounts and achievements for in-game currency or 'real' money. This includes ‘giving’ away prizes in exchange for reserved items. Posting in chat about selling spots in your run will result in a permanent ban. You may not advertise boosts on OpenRaid. You may not post boosts on OpenRaid. You may not attempt to fill your ‘carry/boost for gold/money’ group with users from OpenRaid.

However, we do allow you to:
  • Trade items for other items – These must be tangible goods on your server. You may use OpenRaid to seek crafters to make items for you. You may offer a reasonable "tip" for the crafter, using in-game currency only, for item being crafted.
  • Participate in Blizzard Reward programs such as Scroll of Resurrection or Refer a Friend.
    Give items away – there must be no strings attached. E.g. you’re giving away a random prize to a random raid member for doing nothing but simply attending the raid.

Naming Policy:

Since OpenRaid is a family site, OpenRaid Nicknames may not be offensive or inappropriate in any manner. A determination regarding the nature of a name will be made by the Support Team. If the Support Team determines a name to be offensive or inappropriate, the name may be subjected to a force name change. You are welcome to rename after a force name change through My Account. Further attempts to use an inappropriate name or the same inappropriate name may result in a termination of your OpenRaid account.

Websites, Streams & Promotions Policy

We do not allow the promotion of other websites unless authorized by the Directors. Please email for marketing and promotion requests.

We do allow you to post links to partner websites on the OpenRaid forums and in General Chat, if appropriate in the context of the specific thread or conversation. The OpenRaid partners are available at: OpenRaid Friends.

You're invited to post your steam in our streaming thread here: Raid Streams. Please be aware that if we find the content questionable or not in line with our rules and regulations, your stream link will be removed from the thread. OpenRaid is not responsible or liable for any content streamed on the channels linked in this thread.

OpenRaid Forums
  • Do not post your RealID (email address)
  • Do not create forum posts naming and shaming players - please handle all matters via our support system for moderation.
  • Do not use CAPS for your post title, or for your entire post; this will lead to editing and/or removal.
  • Do not constantly bump threads; this may result in the thread being locked.
  • Please do not start flame wars, keep the discussion friendly and constructive.
  • Please post visit the Suggestions or Support - Website forum for any bugs you may encounter or ideas for site development.

OpenRaid Voice Chat

OpenRaid Ventrilo and Mumble servers are hosted by Typefrag and are available free for your use. Since the services are generously provided via third party, there is no guarantee on server uptime or stability.

Please visit Voice Chat for more information and a complete list of Voice Chat Rules.

Events, Feedback Comments and Ratings
  • Please do not copy, verbatim, the event description from another raid leader's event. It is always ok to use phrases that you found to be helpful, but if you feel the need to copy the entire description for your own use, please credit the originator of the text; "Adapted from [Leader's] previous event descriptions" at the bottom of your event will suffice. Posting the exact description at the same time as another leader's event for the same content would constitute an attempt to poach raiders; please see the next rule for more information.
  • Do not advertise your raids on other peoples’ raids or attempt to 'steal' their raiders.
  • Please do not advertise your Guild in events, instead use our forums. You MAY recruit through an event, for example running Siege and using it to check out a new shadow priest. You MAY include details about your guild on your description. But the event MUST BE AN EVENT. Bosses must be attempted/killed, etc etc. You MAY NOT place an advert masquerading as an event.
  • We highly advise that you post clear looting rules in your raids description; this can avoid upset over loot. Especially mounts.
  • Do not post derogatory comments such as 'No idiots' 'please do not be retarded' - if found, these comments will be removed and you may be suspended.
  • Do not accept more reserves that needed for a PvE raid; this can cause mistakes in the voting system. Use a "50%" rule, for a 25m raid it would be appropriate to have 10-12 Reserves. For a 5m dungeon, it is ok to have one Reserve for each spot (i.e. 5 Reserves).
  • Always vote honestly about who showed up to your raids; giving someone a no-show when they attended will give you a bad reputation amongst other members.
  • You cannot move someone from Approved to Available without valid reason. Their iLVL and Experience is not considered a valid reason; stating they will be late or have to leave early is a valid reason, for example.
  • HK Farms, or other purposeful ways to earn kills/coins based on griefing, is not allowed on OpenRaid using our Chat or our planned Event system.
Feedback Wall: Leaving Comments and Comment Rules

User feedback is the largest percentage of all support tickets handled by our staff. There are rules in place to ensure feedback is always polite, fair and objective.

All comments must be related to an OpenRaid event or chat run. You cannot post regarding something that happened on your server, or in your guild, or because you know the player outside of OpenRaid.

OpenRaid cannot take a “side” on any feedback and will not engage in any discussion over who is “right” and “wrong”. OpenRaid will only look to see if a comment breaks a core rule. We reserve the right to change these rules as and when it is required, without notice.
  • Excessive commenting on someone else's profile is prohibited. Members are limited to one comment regarding a topic or event
  • No personal remarks may be made about another user (for example, “Elsen is a terrible person” is a personal remark and will be removed).
  • Comments about attendance are not acceptable unless there are extenuating circumstances (for example, commenting “No Show” will probably result in the comment being removed).
  • Bad language is not acceptable, and the language filter must not be bypassed, or attempted to be bypassed.
  • The words “ninja”, “stolen” and “thief” are too emotive and not acceptable. You may discuss loot issues in a polite and simple manner; for example “The raid was stated as Need before greed. Before Elegon the raid leader, X, changed the loot system to Master Looter and assigned themselves the mount”.
  • Excessive use of capital letters is not acceptable.
  • Engaging in Flame Wars may result in action taken against the accounts of all involved.
  • Retaliatory comments, copy pasting the same comment to everyone or commenting on people you have not raided with, is not acceptable. "White Knighting" or posting on a page that isn't yours to defend a player against allegations or accusations, is not allowed.
  • Attempting to bypass or overwrite Moderator edits
    If you want to ensure your comment is not deleted, then be respectful, even when leaving negative feedback.
Support Tickets

We will answer all of your questions about the website and its features to the best of our ability in a timely manner.
We offer 2 main ways to contact our Support Team: via the Support Tab and via Support Chat (on our Chat tab). We answer Support tickets in the order they are received. We cannot guarantee that the Support Chat channel will be staffed 24/7.

Should you want your account deleted - please contact Support via Support Ticket (this will take up to 7 days to process). Also note, that when we delete accounts, we are ONLY deleting your personal information, such as email address, IP address and BattleTag. Characters are NEVER deleted. They remain on the site and are searchable. Characters, and all their statistics, are the sole property of Blizzard Entertainment. We have been given access to the Blizzard API by Blizzard and therefore retain the right to show the Character on OpenRaid.

Please note, the Support team cannot assist in matters more than 30 days old. Please make sure you are prompt in getting your report or ticket in so we have adequate time to investigate. This includes Feedback over 30 days old.


We are not Blizzard Entertainment; Please read Blizzard's Code of Conduct for further details on what to expect or not expect in the game of World of Warcraft.

Privacy and Security:

Your privacy and account security are important to us. Do not ever share your OpenRaid account information with another person. We cannot offer Support assistance for issues resulting from account sharing. Just like Blizzard, we highly recommend the use of an Authenticator on your account. We cannot be held responsible for issues that may arise if your account is compromised before, during, or after an OpenRaid event. There is no connection between these occurrences unless you have shared your account information with another player in the OpenRaid event.
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