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Is this site going to get a make over?

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Re: Is this site going to get a make over?

Postby Luminarya » View Luminarya's OpenRaid characters » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:34 am

I'd love to see this site updated. Our guild uses OpenRaid to keep track of sign ups, since there is no cross server calendar. We have met so many new friends, and a lot of them have ended up becoming guild mates. Our raids usually have a waiting list, and there is no shortage of sign ups, so I know people still use this website. It would be a shame to see it go unattended.
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Re: Is this site going to get a make over?

Postby Dryrd » View Dryrd's OpenRaid characters » Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:23 pm

After leading raids through OpenRaid since 2014 I plan on migrating to over to the Communities feature coming in Battle For Azeroth.

I love this site and the friends I have made through it but the lack of any updates or communication is the writing on the wall.

I'm still creating Antorus events using ToS as the instance as Antorus hasn't been added.

Edit: Also the Error 500s when doing anything drive me crazy. Especially after doing ratings for a 30 man event only for them to all be lost and start again..
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Re: Is this site going to get a make over?

Postby miami1972 » View miami1972's OpenRaid characters » Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:09 am

I agree with the others that the site is faltering. If you just do a search with all criteria you get a one page listing of current content raids and that is it. You used to see achievement runs and all kinds of other special events. Those are rare now. With Blizzard and the LFG system you can jump into past and future runs, transmog, achievements. If one is not available then you create it yourself and fill it. Loved OpenRaid but there is not near the content you used to see on it.
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Re: Is this site going to get a make over?

Postby Drheckyll » View Drheckyll's OpenRaid characters » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:30 pm

Recent events have highlighted how fragile OR is now and the need for change aka the next evolution in community gaming planing. The original OR Devs have told me they never expected it to be as popular as it was and the site ultimately got crushed by its own success. The Dedicated (my community group) plan to migrate to either the new blizz community system, or the new OpenRaid (watch this space so to speak). I'm expecting this site to be switched off sometime this year. I suspect the new blizz community system will be the death nail. OR had its day and it's really just a calendar / group organiser in advance now. It was a wonderful experience using it from Cata (from the inception of Xrealm raiding, even though the same patch gave us LFR) through to my appointment as staff lead, till now. Many things were achieved (well beyond what I thought could be) and it's simply time to progress onto something more relevant to today's gamer needs.
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Re: Is this site going to get a make over?

Postby Nightswifty » View Nightswifty's OpenRaid characters » Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:45 am

There are already multiple people working on the next OpenRaid so you can be looking forward to that.

Until then the Achievements Discord or Blizzard's new community feature should be a good place to find and/host events.
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