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Raid Leaders are leaving OpenRaid

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Raid Leaders are leaving OpenRaid

Postby Silverthorn » View Silverthorn's OpenRaid characters » Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:06 pm

It is long past time this site was updated. Fix it or OpenRaid will no longer be relevant in the BfA World of Warcraft. I suspect you already are aware of this, but just to be certain, read this. And then do something with this site or admit your conflicting priorities and move on to something else.

A raid leader formerly on this site has mentioned in BattleNet chat:

>> Apologies to @everyone for the delay in starting back up again. My work situation (Yeah, I actually work in real life) has changed a bit - changing the hours that I'm working and the times that I'm in game, a bit. Leveling and gearing up has also taken more than I anticipated. Lastly, we will be changing how we do things - we are moving away from OpenRaid and to a system within this Discord Channel. I don't have it completely sorted yet but hope to start implementation and the listing of events this weekend. Essentially, I'd add a bot to Discord to allow you to self select roles (Alliance and/or Horde) and events you are interested in (Padaren Raid Achieves, WoD Raid Achieves, Legion Raider, ToV Achieves, Tomb Raider, Argus Raider, BfA Raider (or whatever it's called), Fun Runs, PvP Events, etc.). We'd create text chat channels for each type of event and post the event details in the specific channel.
We'd have a master calendar somewhere so you could see all the events in one place. I'm thinking once an event is posted you could indicate interest in that event by responding in the text chat channel and we could use that for "sign ups" - and prefer those people that "signed up" for the first 10 minutes of invites. I haven't worked out all of the details but it's what I'm thinking at the moment. Pros of OpenRaid - I know how it works, you know how it works, we can pre-approve and pre-reserve everyone, everyone is clear on who is approved and who is on reserve. Cons of OpenRaid - it's dying, is becoming more and more unreliable. Pros of New System in Discord - it should be fine for as long as we're active in discord. Cons of New System in Discord - it's new and different, no real approval or reserve system, most of it is being in Discord 15 minutes before the event starts. More to come - Soon (TM). <<
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