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Skill comes from the people around you. Skill isn't how well you perform, it's how well you perform with the people around you. --Growlee

I've been on openraid since April of 2012, been doing transmog runs probably since transmogrification was released, two years later, I continue to do transmog runs today, please enjoy.

  • Over 80 Full Clears of Heroic Throne of Thunder
  • Obtained 17 Feats of Strength prior to Mists of Pandaria expansion.
    I Thought He Was Supposed to Be Hard?
    Defeat Ra-den in Throne of Thunder on the first attempt without letting any raid members die.

    Mimimrons' Head - Trogore - Horde - 81 - 7/9/14
    Val'anyr Hammer of Ancient Kings Completed - Casi, Snøwleopard - Horde
    Pygmy Direhorn - Maenia - Horde 8/16/14
    Dark Quivering Blob - Redjellybean - Horde 11/1/14
    Gastropod Shell - Flabbicus - Horde 5/2/15
    Son of Animus - Orkiptopotter - Horde 6/7/15
    Gastropod Shell - Nehzrehto - Horde 7/12/15
    Pygmy Direhorn - Ochop - Horde 8/2/15
    Pygmy Direhorn - Valeriena - Horde 9/27/15
    Living Sandling - Szädek - Horde 9/27/15
    Living Sandling - Criselia - Horde 9/27/15
    Son of Animus - Skottish - Horde 10/25/15
    Worldbender Waistguard - Batou - Horde 10/25/15
    Living Sandling - Luxurs - Horde 11/22/15
    Pygmy Direhorn - Tymaene - Alliance 9/6/14
    Ji'kun Hatchling - Synergy - 9/6/14 - Alliance
    Dark Quivering Blob - Pug Warlock - 1/25/15 - Alliance
    Clutch of Ji'Kun - Ellyon - 5/17/15 - Alliance

    Below you will find the raids I am currently running, this has been fairly consistent for a few months now, as long as people are wanting to go, I will continue to do these runs, please feel free to sign up, thanks

    Event Times & Days - Times are Pacific

    Ulduar 1230p *After eleven months running Retired Event 11/5/14
    Terrace of the Endless Springs Meta-NORMAL 215p *After ten months running Retired Event 4/30/15

    Heart of Fear NORMAL 215p * After eight months running Retired Event 2/11/15


    Alliance -Throne of Thunder HEROIC 915a -After nine months running Retired Event 9/20/15

    Horde -Throne of Thunder HEROIC 12p - After one year, and six months running Retired Event 1/17/16

    meow meow meow...Tschüß - Toodles =^_^=

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events


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