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Welcome to Holy Fox's crazy corner of OpenRaid!
A thousand voices, one "professional"

Everyone is welcome to the group! Just beware that I am quite the crazy and proclaim to be a professional(especially when we mess up)!

* Don't worry I'm a professional!
* [insert something here] -Just like all my first dates!
* I could be [insert here], you don't know! You don't know me!
* That's a euphemism!
* A summon? That will be [insert random gold here]!
* What??? [insert here] unexceptable! Negative [insert numbers here]/5 stars!
* I love Tenshi, she smells like cabbage!
* You spelled that password wrong. You meant to put C-A-B-B-A-G-E.

#1 Rule:
Be friendly and have lots of fun!

YouTube: [External Link]

BTag requests go out early! (Sometimes within 24 hours of the scheduled run.)
Invites to join this specific run will go out once about 15 minutes prior to start time.
If you miss the initial invite, whisper me the single word invite.
Reserves and assist to invite friends happen shortly after. (Basically, be on time or risk losing your spot.)
If you are a reserve who received a BTag request, whisper me in game the single word invite. (Reserves are pulled quickly! IE: If you snooze, you lose.)
Please be ready to go, and at the instance on time. It is very rare that I do not pull right at start time.
If you are late, whisper me to see if there is still room. If there is, you can still attend. However, we will not stop the entire event and wait for you. That means, get there on your own (do not expect a summon), do not expect for the entire group to wait before pulling a boss.

If you need to get ahold of me there are quite a few ways to do so.
Bnet: holyfox6894#1658
Twitter: holyfox6894
Port: 3784
Pass: raidopen
Holyfox's Cult of Crazies(near the bottom)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Below you will find a list of all fans of this group.

Name Rank
holyfox6894 Owner
Acry Normal
Adelbrand Normal
ajala Normal
Apheria Normal
Apokalypsis Normal
Bazkalok Normal
Bellancia Normal
Blisse Normal
Brollgarth Normal
Cedrus Normal
Ceirt Normal
Chaosrider Normal
Clansidious Normal
crimsonotaku Normal
Crodar Normal
Darlaa Normal
darrel314 Normal
Darthkikyo Normal
Elladan56 Normal
Empress Normal
Eranielle Normal
EricNeoMatrix Normal
EricV Normal
Fisalyn Normal
fitaria Normal
Flobalobagos Normal
Fredthebold Normal
frontrelinquish Normal
Fuzzyhope Normal
Gamerknight12 Normal
garritt22 Normal
Herunmir Normal
Hetiv Normal
Holelalo Normal
Hortzel Normal
ikaruss0019 Normal
ilyriia25 Normal
Jesslynne Normal
Jurion Normal
Karii Normal
Kaylun Normal
Kinkajou Normal
KnightRyder Normal
KrosisNazgrel Normal
lithy Normal
LiveLeak Normal
lunesa Normal
mefias Normal
Myricle Normal
Myskillian Normal
nanowire Normal
Nikas Normal
Ninja101 Normal
pinkkfrost Normal
poochietherogue Normal
Prox2001 Normal
Raxal Normal
Resa Normal
romogdl Normal
selinakyle Normal
Sereannon Normal
shootitded Normal
siegrune Normal
silkhunter Normal
Smooshie Normal
Sorrck Normal
Sparhawk77 Normal
Springtotem Normal
starboss Normal
starry Normal
Steamanubis Normal
Tenshidono Normal
TheOldBear Normal
Wildtiger Normal
Wiltavian Normal
WombRaiderLTX Normal
Wulfen1981 Normal
xxraiser Normal
Zlacko Normal


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character image
On Nov 9th, 2014 08:43
People have been asking for more metas of old content. I will be doing ToT, MSV, HoF, ICC, etc. sometime in December.
character image
On Nov 1st, 2014 21:07
The love and support you have all shown me after my accident is amazing. I love you all, I'm so happy to have you guys in my life.
character image
On Oct 28th, 2014 00:46
There will be no events from the 6th-10th of November as I will be away for BlizzCon.
character image
On Oct 3rd, 2014 17:00
I will be gone from October 12th - October 18th. My bf will be in town for that week and I will be taking that time off to casually play with him and spend time with him.

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