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Welcome to Deths events page

We run weekly events of mostly current content. We run them in a low stress and relaxed environment.

Where you can find our log for each raid we conduct.

World of Logs [External Link]

Warcraft Logs [External Link]

Mr Robot [External Link]

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


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Cometzz Normal
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Cyannelf Normal
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HappyBanshee Normal
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Mellanthe Normal
Mendria Normal
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Necrobish Normal
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Ruminaytion Normal
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Shanaenae Normal
Skyhoof Normal
starburst Normal
Tetrazenia Normal
Tigerbothesh Normal
Totofeo Normal
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Valoriann Normal
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Willstroker Normal
Wraithgaze Normal
xRaili Normal


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On Dec 25th, 2015 12:26
Looks like you guys are back. This is a good thing. Alas, I do not play the game any more. Jumping back in now would be impractical (would take too long to get up to catch up to the progression). Maybe next expansion.

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