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By signing to my runs, you agree to have read Elexias Raiding Rules.[Unknown Topic]

OpenRaid VENTRILO Info:
Port: 3784
Password: raidopen
Channel: Elexias Holy Palace

Why have I not been approved?
If you are on the Available list, it means that somehow you have not lived up to my requirements, which is usually because of either:
  • Lack of gear optimization.
  • Bad feedback on your feedback page.
  • Bad attendance rating.
  • Or you have signed up with insufficient time to evaluate your gear/experience.
    If you want advices on how better to get into runs in the future, go read a guide that Aria wrote here: [Topic: [World of Warcraft] Raid Leaders Not Accepting You?]

    In this raid i require you to:
  • Know tactics, If you don't make sure you ask before boss is pulled, or else you will be replaced.

  • I will be sending BattleTag Invites 1 day before events starts, If you fail to accept it 1 hour before event starts you might be replaced.
  • You must be online 20 mins prior to raid start time, because invites are going 15 mins before raid
  • You must be Fully Socketed/Having both professions maxed/And be ready to do your best.

    Whilst in this run
    Whilst in my runs, there are certain things that I expect from all players. That means that I do hold the right to at any point, remove players I feel are deliberately holding the rest of the group back. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Extremely bad attitude.
  • Extremely low damage/healing output.
  • Players who consistently do not listen to my instructions.
  • Players who consistently die due to not knowing tactics (which you agreed to know when signing up to this raid).
  • Players who ninja pull - which includes that on trash.
  • Extended unannounced absences will result in removal
  • If you have anything against anyone, please contact me in Whisper, Don't say that in Raid/Mumble, You will be replaced if you do.
  • If you don't follow my rules you will be replaced!

    Loot Rules
  • Need - You need item for your main spec. (Spec you're playing in the raid)
  • Greed - If no one needs item for MS and you need it for OS you may do NEED. Otherwise Greed is for a chance to get item to sell.
  • Disenchant - Everyone can do it.

    Like my Raids? Join my OpenRaid Group [Group: Elexias Holy Palace]

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events


    Below you will find a list of all fans of this group.

    Name Rank
    Elexias Owner
    Hotless Moderator
    90VYD Normal
    adil1992 Normal
    AffeTier Normal
    Akilta Normal
    Aldevar Normal
    Alyzykir Normal
    Anori Normal
    Antenora Normal
    Antonioz Normal
    Arcasus Normal
    aredia Normal
    arlena Normal
    Armayar Normal
    artstyl3 Normal
    Astrea Normal
    asunachan Normal
    Athosian Normal
    Atomi Normal
    Atrocious Normal
    Avarathis Normal
    Avrora Normal
    Ayuumu Normal
    Azytzeen Normal
    Backjob Normal
    badcindy Normal
    Baldemar Normal
    Basshamster Normal
    belshade Normal
    Bennyg Normal
    bigideaguy Normal
    Bilen Normal
    Blackstone Normal
    Bloodbarn Normal
    Bloodystomp Normal
    Bluehot Normal
    Blueno Normal
    Bolaget Normal
    Bonechewer Normal
    Bootz Normal
    Botsauto Normal
    Brujah Normal
    Brutalizer Normal
    bulvyn Normal
    Burgershift Normal
    Calenleya Normal
    carbon262619 Normal
    Carchoof Normal
    Cassiopeia Normal
    Cayley Normal
    cenox Normal
    Chamze Normal
    Chelo Normal
    Cheven Normal
    chosecz Normal
    clonemorfik Normal
    Comingforya Normal
    Conh Normal
    Core714 Normal
    Cosmicdawn Normal
    Cowbiou Normal
    cyther Normal
    Daboo Normal
    Dagouor Normal
    dakanata Normal
    dangoth Normal
    DariuszZ Normal
    DarkFizban Normal
    darkocrnojevic Normal
    daylano Normal
    Decimusic Normal
    Dedinside Normal
    Denathy Normal
    Deryan Normal
    Divadot Normal
    djembasaur Normal
    Djoel Normal
    Doomsday Normal
    drakenrijder Normal
    Dreton Normal
    Dridzz Normal
    Drulus Normal
    Druzo Normal
    echoes Normal
    Echosm Normal
    Eiden Normal
    Elastisk Normal
    Ereilavak Normal
    EternalDawn Normal
    Etraigann Normal
    eugenes Normal
    Eunique Normal
    evilburny Normal
    farzamblitz Normal
    Fattyboom2 Normal
    Fexe Normal
    FiMya Normal
    Frikinaus Normal
    Gabriel616 Normal
    Ghiroza Normal
    glad3010 Normal
    Glitterangel Normal
    goosfraba Normal
    Goracyi Normal
    goyim Normal
    Grimgor Normal
    grombor Normal
    Hanan Normal
    Hardspot Normal
    Havokiba Normal
    haxozord Normal
    hazal Normal
    Heidra Normal
    Hellskream Normal
    HellThrone Normal
    HILT Normal
    HolyProt Normal
    hosford07 Normal
    Hou Normal
    Hurricane1980 Normal
    Igac Normal
    itq Normal
    ivory Normal
    Iwchas Normal
    Jaberwookie Normal
    Jeiden Normal
    Jimboob Normal
    JohnDoe Normal
    Jortsy Normal
    justifyroot Normal
    Kabesama Normal
    Karuna Normal
    Katsuri Normal
    Kilmano Normal
    kinglo Normal
    kkoorosh Normal
    Klotski Normal
    Kontos Normal
    Kranvatten Normal
    Kruidnoten Normal
    krysis64 Normal
    Kundalini Normal
    Kyleria Normal
    Labbii Normal
    LagrimaX Normal
    lazeiltarrenmill Normal
    Leprenchaun Normal
    Levina Normal
    LilithBL Normal
    Linedwell Normal
    Linko Normal
    macsta Normal
    MadLane Normal
    malatesta Normal
    Malvax Normal
    Malzahar Normal
    Mamzy Normal
    Marieke Normal
    martini Normal
    Mathesis Normal
    memolity Normal
    Menesiena Normal
    menoruna Normal
    mickske Normal
    milenvasilev Normal
    Milky1986 Normal
    Millerz Normal
    Mimz Normal
    Mithrie Normal
    Mitsukai Normal
    Momoko Normal
    MooPL Normal
    Mooseman Normal
    morbitzu Normal
    Nazzlol Normal
    Nefretiti Normal
    Nehelynia Normal
    Neverbeen Normal
    Nezruki Normal
    nFac Normal
    Nijanse Normal
    NoAnger Normal
    Noc Normal
    nogh Normal
    Nunomb Normal
    obstmogli Normal
    OmaDeSala Normal
    Orisai Normal
    Oskarpower Normal
    Ovskii Normal
    Palo Normal
    Pandazu Normal
    papates Normal
    parlone Normal
    Piwke Normal
    Platinum Normal
    Pride Normal
    primatheone Normal
    Punkeighty Normal
    Raerity Normal
    Ragua Normal
    Rantsi Normal
    Razeryxan Normal
    Realign Normal
    Relicdruj Normal
    Rionshin Normal
    Rockyz Normal
    Rosalia Normal
    Rotstar Normal
    Rynthare Normal
    salate Normal
    Sanalphon Normal
    Sarp Normal
    Savagee Normal
    Scorpion0211 Normal
    Sepira Normal
    Shapey Normal
    Shaylha Normal
    Shigato Normal
    Shiiftey Normal
    Shikonagrand Normal
    Shinuh Normal
    Siignal Normal
    sk4lleb4nk Normal
    Skaera Normal
    Sketchy Normal
    Smegbandit517 Normal
    snelleksz Normal
    Solarious Normal
    Spanja Normal
    Speedos Normal
    starre Normal
    stormwolf Normal
    sumoldeananas Normal
    Takeda Normal
    Takna Normal
    Talmanidi Normal
    Tankbert Normal
    Tanzula Normal
    Tiffani Normal
    Tiki Normal
    Toes Normal
    Tosuro Normal
    Toullen Normal
    Tralax Normal
    Treydez Normal
    Trumpetti Normal
    trusmoov Normal
    Tuggy81 Normal
    Ukura Normal
    Undine Normal
    Unicore Normal
    Uthopia Normal
    Veej Normal
    Vierna Normal
    Vinzi Normal
    Viscai Normal
    vresh Normal
    Vulegend Normal
    Walkure Normal
    xabo1986 Normal
    yeticheese Normal
    Yevo Normal
    Yoonie Normal
    Yseut Normal
    Zacke Normal
    zaldorff Normal
    Zarini Normal
    Zetas Normal
    Zoron Normal
    zyano Normal


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    character image
    On Aug 20th, 2016 20:40
    Hiya Elexias! Are you gonna do some runs or have you stopped? / Jeiden (Akamé)
    character image
    On Mar 31st, 2015 05:26
    Follow me on Twitter
    character image
    On Nov 29th, 2014 20:51
    Welcome back :) Where are your raids ?? I can't see them.
    character image
    On Nov 18th, 2014 19:29
    I'm back, atm I'm lvl 90 as I don't have WoD, will get WoD in less than a month... FOr now will be making old raids. Everyone is free to join <3
    character image
    On Nov 4th, 2014 20:26
    Good luck with your university! :D You've always been a great leader and me and my friends miss you :)
    character image
    On Sep 20th, 2014 07:51
    Good luck at the University, Elexias :)
    character image
    On Sep 19th, 2014 06:19
    And I just don't have time and money for Subscription, anyways I hope I will stay to Moderate on Site! :) If you need something MAIL OR PM.
    character image
    On Sep 19th, 2014 06:19
    Hello everyone in my group, just to let you know that I won't be running more events for this year probably, as I need to prepare for University hardcore.
    character image
    On Sep 8th, 2014 21:27
    On Saturday i do my third set of weekly raids, also i added Onyxia's Lair to all my sets, increasing the total number of events per set to nine. I hope that people will join all of them and enjoy them. Thank you guys and girls and see you on board.
    character image
    On Sep 7th, 2014 07:29
    Got canceled because of low sign ups
    character image
    On Sep 6th, 2014 17:16
    What happened to the ToT Ra-Den run tomorrow?
    character image
    On Sep 5th, 2014 19:13
    My new year just started, my schedule is not stable and it is really hard to put any of raids, I'm doing my best to raid at all on OpenRaid!
    character image
    On Sep 4th, 2014 14:11
    Why you have to do them on Tuesday ?? Monday and Tuesday are my days, can't you do your raids on Saturday or on Sunday instead of Tuesday ??
    character image
    On Aug 28th, 2014 20:21
    New year is starting for me in few days, that means I will have new days that i can do raids, that means that I may not run Mount Runs on Friday etc.. :)

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