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I've created a group for those interested in following the raids I am running!

How to be accepted to my raids:
Sign-up on the appropriate character. For most raids, make sure your character is fully gemmed and enchanted. Check AskMrRobot if you are not sure!

How to be invited back to my raids:
Have a positive attitude and perform well! :)

How I do raid invites:
Battle Tag requests will go out 20-30 minutes prior to raid time; Invites will begin 15 minutes before raid time. I will pull in Reserves if needed 5 minutes prior to start time.

To receive your invite to raid content that requires voice, you must first be in MUMBLE. I will be speaking the auto-invite word to whisper for raid invites.

Watch me die in raids! [External Link]

My Mythic guild is recruiting! [External Link]

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Below you will find a list of all fans of this group.

Name Rank
Zillions Owner
Acelia Normal
adamantpower Normal
Adriael Normal
Aecis88 Normal
aeonarial Normal
Afex Normal
Agg Normal
Akadih Normal
Akirr Normal
Alion Normal
Aloha5 Normal
AlorinaV Normal
Alsacien Normal
AltarisPaladine Normal
Ameryl Normal
Anarky Normal
angrywar Normal
Aniira Normal
anotherkeith Normal
Antaros Normal
aratax Normal
Aretii Normal
Arianese Normal
Arnblas Normal
Arniala Normal
Ashtar9999 Normal
Attius Normal
Aurae Normal
Aux Normal
Auz Normal
Averiana Normal
Azkadelia Normal
Azul Normal
badjuju Normal
badlash Normal
bakingsoda Normal
Balfastan Normal
baradiel Normal
Barneyfife Normal
Bartmann Normal
Basileia0410 Normal
behub Normal
Belisan Normal
Bill1 Normal
Binkers Normal
bj147 Normal
blackbrant Normal
blest Normal
blindcoyote Normal
Bloodylilly Normal
boback0002 Normal
Bovinex Normal
Brazlen Normal
Breo Normal
Brico Normal
Brix Normal
burn Normal
Burrot Normal
Caydewey Normal
Ceridwen Normal
Charbroil Normal
Cheerofdeath Normal
Chickenshift Normal
CHODA Normal
Cinaed Normal
Cirnek Normal
Connor412 Normal
Creagal Normal
Crownguard Normal
Crypton99 Normal
Curzondax Normal
Cylest25 Normal
d4wnmelissa Normal
darkfury Normal
Darkish Normal
DeBenedictis Normal
Dedalo Normal
Demonna Normal
denko Normal
DerrHans Normal
Desil Normal
Desolator Normal
Destyne Normal
Diencecht Normal
Diezel Normal
Ditusen Normal
dknormand Normal
Dksnuggz Normal
Dohnilt Normal
don Normal
Donk Normal
DoubleHelix Normal
dragonsmir Normal
DragonZy Normal
Dragoron Normal
Drakehawk Normal
Dreico Normal
drewaiken29 Normal
Drewsan Normal
Drizzyqt Normal
Dryade Normal
Ducttape Normal
Dukrous Normal
Ecnelis Normal
ehmt Normal
Eil Normal
Eilyria Normal
Elandora Normal
Elfen7 Normal
eloquentxsilence Normal
Elround Normal
Elsniper Normal
Elth Normal
Eltreum Normal
Enden Normal
ephrog Normal
Epia Normal
euphoric Normal
Excerion Normal
Excurved Normal
Fadeela Normal
Falzdownalot Normal
Fearutodeath Normal
Feralicious Normal
Fergill Normal
Filmic Normal
Flenton Normal
FlowerJen Normal
Fostethesnowman Normal
Frost Normal
Frostshaitan Normal
Fullmoon Normal
Fuzzybuddy Normal
gamerzhell Normal
Ganish Normal
Garthyboy Normal
gavin101 Normal
Gavosar Normal
Gdsstoubtch Normal
georgamel Normal
Gerpz Normal
Gerudo Normal
Getfoxy Normal
Gloryana Normal
Gnashoba Normal
goolaash Normal
goregp103 Normal
Grel Normal
Grits Normal
gurupak Normal
Hallucinogens Normal
Halotiger Normal
heaters Normal
HeeRoBroh Normal
Hershie Normal
Hey Normal
Hombre Normal
HunterSalty Normal
iamlocals Normal
ikale Normal
Irisdelma Normal
Iso Normal
Iza Normal
jack89 Normal
Jagent Normal
jamiebots Normal
jandersunstr Normal
Janksy Normal
JasJsa Normal
Jekanl Normal
Jeron Normal
Jieniu Normal
joebenhart Normal
jvstice Normal
kacey Normal
Kalena Normal
Kao123 Normal
Kattlyn Normal
kcowley329 Normal
Kindev Normal
Knottymaggot Normal
Komard Normal
Koriandyr Normal
Kosk Normal
krispin149 Normal
Kruz Normal
Krystallus Normal
Kumouri Normal
kurfu Normal
Kuwanan Normal
Kymiia Normal
Lamorak Normal
Leafssong Normal
Leala Normal
Leorina Normal
Light2512 Normal
Liquidsnake3 Normal
Littlestar Normal
Lixue Normal
LJM Normal
Lucifersam Normal
Lykenlova Normal
M1key Normal
Madican Normal
MaeleneGordon Normal
Magedudee Normal
Maliceqt Normal
Mandapanda Normal
MasterChiefFloyd Normal
Maximvs Normal
Mayalla Normal
mbs Normal
MCBGamer Normal
MeauxSG Normal
mer Normal
meshamey Normal
Metalshamman Normal
metaplasmus Normal
Miintt Normal
Milldozer Normal
Mippoose Normal
Mishelle Normal
MissSea Normal
Miyukitty Normal
mmattai Normal
mmullin1 Normal
monkybizz Normal
Moontears18 Normal
mooti Normal
Morru Normal
mortalmadnes1967 Normal
mosaic Normal
motivator Normal
Murray Normal
Nate17182 Normal
Nathrezemea Normal
Nayel Normal
nebrin Normal
necroblight Normal
Necrolinx Normal
neodymium Normal
Neuadan Normal
Nevina Normal
nikkip Normal
Nikolay Normal
Nithe Normal
Nomadic Normal
Nomnom Normal
nongnong Normal
nudnik Normal
Nyearm Normal
Nyxta Normal
Oathkeyper Normal
ocdrummer47 Normal
oddunity Normal
Offbalance Normal
Okaria Normal
Oldskoolz Normal
Olun Normal
Ometreis Normal
outkast762 Normal
paendamonium Normal
Pawnfu Normal
Peteusmax Normal
Petit Normal
phlay Normal
Photon915 Normal
PockyKM Normal
Pohal Normal
Poncholiner Normal
Poodz Normal
Popbubblz Normal
preis Normal
Prema Normal
PsychoDruid Normal
Purseus Normal
Qipanjin Normal
queenbee Normal
Quillan Normal
r0sarin0 Normal
Radhika Normal
Raiven Normal
Randomz Normal
RazorsEdge Normal
redcat Normal
reelz2008 Normal
reflexgaming Normal
Rentonie Normal
Rhakshasa Normal
Rhaoin Normal
Rhipeus Normal
Rinandra Normal
RunicElementals Normal
Saiti Normal
Sakaga Normal
Salmanius Normal
Savaena Normal
Scarygarica Normal
scidambi Normal
seamanator Normal
SeaNNeRo Normal
seasprite Normal
Sekket Normal
Senergy Normal
Sereannon Normal
Serialnerd Normal
Shadowsmart Normal
ShadowX Normal
Shalipa Normal
shksprgrl Normal
SiegaPlays Normal
Silenteagle Normal
Sinshalai Normal
Sirithil Normal
SirMeatwad Normal
Sisren Normal
Sivane Normal
Smooshie Normal
snowfei Normal
snowsangel Normal
snowshovel911 Normal
soapmaker Normal
sociald1077 Normal
somegamer Normal
Soulight Normal
SparksofKT Normal
Squalor Normal
Sserenity Normal
starre Normal
StaticPopup1Button1 Normal
SuperfluousViking Normal
superfula Normal
sweetstar87 Normal
sylith700 Normal
Syllogistic Normal
Sylusslvrh Normal
Taelarn Normal
tahquitz Normal
Talsong Normal
Tarlett Normal
tdunaj Normal
Teetzchoppi Normal
Tenshidono Normal
Termy Normal
Thauronis Normal
TheMage Normal
ThorimSha Normal
Thray Normal
threesheets13 Normal
ThundercatL7 Normal
timetrapped Normal
timotah Normal
timtim8806 Normal
Toabo Normal
Tobiume Normal
Toccata Normal
Tommyxsalami Normal
Toncruz Normal
toolbag Normal
Totemrecal Normal
tovaryn Normal
Trailsong Normal
Treggy Normal
Trogdorgar Normal
Tryface Normal
tunedbysaturnsl1 Normal
TurtlePatrol Normal
Twiztd Normal
Tyae Normal
Umferth Normal
Urkiller Normal
Valeyard Normal
Valorette Normal
Velasca Normal
Vishwa Normal
Warder1 Normal
Warlonski Normal
waters Normal
Whammo Normal
whitetiger84 Normal
Wicky Normal
Wiltavian Normal
Wrassiderp Normal
Wyldman Normal
Xarbos Normal
Xealin Normal
Xel Normal
Xentropy Normal
xmk1 Normal
xsist Normal
Xupinski Normal
yphanh2002 Normal
Ytsejam Normal
ZagBulldog590 Normal
Zahneel Normal
Zaithh Normal
Zarahae Normal
Zetherea Normal
ZiLaK Normal
zimmy130 Normal
Zorak Normal
Zuki Normal
Zulagamir Normal
Zurilia Normal
Zzarnoth Normal


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On Mar 10th, 2017 02:58
Zillions, missing you! Hope you come back!
character image
On Jun 20th, 2016 07:43
Come back :)
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On Jun 20th, 2015 10:02
Where'd you go?
character image
On Jul 12th, 2014 02:28
Should, for any reason, your H SoO runs change to a Friday or Saturday night (your time), consider my sign up a guarantee. All my best and keep up the fantastic work.
character image
On Jul 12th, 2014 02:22
Miss Zillions - Very excited to see that you are hosting some H SoO raids. Will sign up when possible; however, the Army has recently deployed me to India, so the time zone difference makes scheduling a little

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