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Raiding With Rivendare!

This will be my personal group page when group page features are implented. There will be a list of all my upcoming events. I'm currently waiting on more features to be implented so i can test them out.

Usual schedule is as follows

Wednesdays: Heroic Firelands 25
Thursdays: BWD+BoT+To4W Heroic 25 (including Sinestra)
Sundays: Heroic Dragon Soul 25

Here's a standard Ragnaros (mount dropped) and Sinestra kill, to show how smooth it is, for those of you who have doubts.
(Thanks Capricieux for recording).

I also have Heroic Icecrown Citadel and Ulduar runs every week, but those can vary from wednesdays to saturdays depending on real life.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Below you will find a list of all fans of this group.

Name Rank
Snauzberries Owner
Aeristar Normal
Aguilablanca Normal
Alcenaia Normal
Amancila Normal
aratax Normal
Arcanux Normal
Audrah1014 Normal
Azmodan Normal
bassi Normal
BastetJenn Normal
Benile Normal
Blackwraith Normal
Bloodkyo Normal
Bmfstunner Normal
brobe Normal
bubblepriest Normal
Calaquendi Normal
Capricieux Normal
Darkdefender Normal
Despyze Normal
Dezco Normal
Djaye Normal
Done Normal
Dreezila Normal
Drien Normal
Dustfingur Normal
dylan1993 Normal
Ellorah Normal
Emendy Normal
Enalya Normal
farzamblitz Normal
Fiendish Normal
fractall Normal
Franziskaner Normal
Frost Normal
greatpcm Normal
Hakami Normal
halfnoob Normal
Hatenichoals Normal
hedqvist Normal
ineedaicon Normal
Jaichim Normal
jmnelson91 Normal
jokeller Normal
JokerSmile Normal
justifyroot Normal
justzephy Normal
Kalika Normal
Kanwu Normal
Kovarian Normal
Krippz Normal
Kyleria Normal
Legendury5 Normal
lif Normal
Lookatmypet Normal
mangotango Normal
meldesoul Normal
meredi Normal
MrPenguin Normal
MsKiddo Normal
Nabs Normal
Naebyrus Normal
Nameless Normal
nebody0928 Normal
Necrolous Normal
netjak Normal
Nixs Normal
Nysera Normal
Omdog Normal
Orijarn Normal
Papermate Normal
Paulodemoc Normal
ponaturi Normal
Pravus Normal
Ramorian Normal
Rapidshaft Normal
rillum Normal
Ronburgundi Normal
Ryan2EZ Normal
salpal Normal
schiller91 Normal
Seared Normal
Sel Normal
Silq89 Normal
SixShadows Normal
Skymist Normal
Smichmar Normal
Smooshie Normal
Takonic Normal
Taztrada Normal
TheGDJoker Normal
Thunna Normal
Tof Normal
Totemrecal Normal
triumph84 Normal
Tuman Normal
Veno Normal
Vernichtet Normal
Vipersting Normal
walt1967 Normal
Wildtiger Normal
Wraitha Normal
Wyndygo Normal
Xaphire Normal
Yoanna Normal
Zandrae Normal
Zanfu Normal
Zendara Normal


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On Apr 21st, 2013 17:29
Excellent video! I added it to the group page :)

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