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Welcome to #TeamAria!!
During the more recent expansions I've limited the raids I do to current content (this expansion). I used to host old achievement raids and lots of community based runs but #OpenraidDed

About Myself:
My main is currently a Resto Druid on Emerald Dream in a called Angels of Ares! You may have known me for playing a retribution paladin in the past though, on a few different servers! I do have a fair few alts but all with fairly recognisable names! :)

I've had an account on OpenRaid for over 3 years. After hosting some runs, I decided it was super fun to meet people on here, help people get achievements and just generally chill with you guys! I applied to become a moderator on here in the summer of '13, and became an Official OpenRaid Staff Raid Leader at the end of August, and have ever since been posting regular raids with high success rates! I was a moderator here for 1-2 years but I've since stopped #OpenraidDed #RIP

Like I mentioned previously before, most of the raids I make are because of requests that people make! To make a request, please poke me via any of the following below:

Contacting Me!
- PM me!

Hope to see you soon! Aria xo

+-------------Leaving this up for the memories!----------------+
For every 100 members this group gets, I used to do a special event/a special set of events.
400 - #TeamAria flex drinking game. [August 2014]
500 - #500 events, all meta/possible achievements from ToGC -> SoO. [September 2014]

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Below you will find a list of all fans of this group.

Name Rank
Ariiaa Owner
Heg Moderator
822421 Normal
Aazzgard Normal
Abdir Normal
aberesfo Normal
Abiri Normal
AbkorJ Normal
acension Normal
ADLeia Normal
Aelonis Normal
Aerin01 Normal
AggressiveTurtle Normal
Aiyla Normal
Akames Normal
alan645 Normal
Aldrox Normal
AlejandroSucks Normal
Alinghi Normal
Allano Normal
Allora Normal
Allright Normal
Almalexion Normal
Almao Normal
Almarac Normal
altherionfw Normal
Amatia Normal
Amealamin Normal
Amundsen89 Normal
andrecherie Normal
Angelhearth Normal
Angellyca Normal
Annihilate Normal
Anraha Normal
Antani Normal
Antiad Normal
Antis Normal
Apogryph Normal
Arac Normal
Araevin Normal
Aragorn33 Normal
Arakuk Normal
arca Normal
Ardha1 Normal
Argonized Normal
Aribeth Normal
Ariyanah Normal
Armand Normal
arrowmaster Normal
Artock Normal
arundel22 Normal
Assimina Normal
assos Normal
astralstirer Normal
Astrea Normal
Aszlicho Normal
Athola Normal
Attaroa Normal
Avoria Normal
Axoz Normal
baciamiamore Normal
Baltheon Normal
Basuteii Normal
Baubles87 Normal
Behemont Normal
Belerophont Normal
Beliel Normal
Benneh Normal
berryrush Normal
Beva Normal
Beza Normal
Bigvont Normal
biirrd Normal
Bilena Normal
BlackRoses Normal
blobadob Normal
bloodybear Normal
bluepenguin Normal
bluffkin123 Normal
bluumberry Normal
bobek939 Normal
Bongoboy76 Normal
Bornholt Normal
Borty Normal
Bralle Normal
Brassblade Normal
Brayarc Normal
brenncom Normal
Brettbaker Normal
Bubbaleh Normal
budy1994 Normal
Buffa Normal
Bugzzbunny Normal
Buldur Normal
Cactistone Normal
Cadfeal Normal
Caradnaur Normal
Carnarius Normal
Carolyne Normal
Carradene1983 Normal
Cartorz Normal
Casador Normal
Casine Normal
Cassiopeia Normal
catlinraand Normal
Cayucas Normal
celodrin Normal
cerocomados Normal
Chalanya2 Normal
Chantilly Normal
chrisiom Normal
Chruptak Normal
Cizee Normal
Conh Normal
ConnahDawson Normal
Coolboy135 Normal
cordiquasso Normal
CosmicFungus Normal
cosmus Normal
Crestafore Normal
Crni Normal
croga Normal
Dajjuu Normal
damadorpl Normal
daneebee Normal
Dante1983 Normal
Darknocious Normal
darkso1der Normal
Datphoria Normal
Davidmorris Normal
Davin Normal
Daxus58 Normal
deanos1990 Normal
Debby Normal
Deficio Normal
Demell Normal
Denikker Normal
Desomph Normal
DevilLiviuS Normal
devra Normal
Deylol Normal
Diamond Normal
DiKansi Normal
dildau Normal
Diopak Normal
Doglocke Normal
dogpriestx Normal
Dolomiwow Normal
Doomwish Normal
Doorly Normal
Dopperino123 Normal
Dowde Normal
Drairast Normal
Dralore Normal
Draugarthh Normal
Drien Normal
drkprn22 Normal
Drogovon Normal
drych Normal
Dubbien Normal
Duracol Normal
Duranthi Normal
DvMg Normal
Dwynwen Normal
EagleEye588 Normal
ebrinker Normal
Eevi Normal
Ela Normal
Elayna Normal
Eldariel Normal
Eldorah Normal
Elennwe Normal
Elexias Normal
elgaard Normal
elhuna Normal
elliotcoolman Normal
elouise Normal
Elsen Normal
elunaery Normal
Elyseon Normal
emadish Normal
Emea Normal
energispeed Normal
Enkazadas Normal
ensoil Normal
Enstorstaark Normal
EnurX Normal
Erb Normal
ereskigal Normal
Errando Normal
Errato Normal
Erzaa2 Normal
Essemannn Normal
etuetu Normal
Eurodude Normal
Excezzum Normal
Executeer Normal
eXeL0L Normal
Exhortium Normal
Exigoo Normal
ExoToniC Normal
Extor Normal
extremesalt Normal
eye Normal
eyeq Normal
Fantasion Normal
Fartquake Normal
Favor21 Normal
Fearrr Normal
Fengore Normal
Fennina Normal
Fenrac Normal
fersude Normal
Finiir Normal
firewall Normal
Fledge Normal
Fleedwood Normal
Floydian Normal
Fluffbeard Normal
Flymn Normal
Fordom Normal
fr33z3 Normal
Franz Normal
FreedomRR Normal
friedforfun Normal
Frostiee02 Normal
Fugazor Normal
Fulfilled Normal
Furbs Normal
Gambler Normal
Garrosherino Normal
GaryM Normal
gavlaaar Normal
Gawaiin Normal
Geemaniac Normal
Gelios Normal
Gemstars Normal
Gilithiath Normal
Gillie2tat Normal
Gjerdesmett Normal
gladie Normal
Glojn Normal
gnomelover Normal
Goats Normal
GokuSsj3 Normal
Goochi Normal
Goshi Normal
Goth Normal
Graeyl Normal
Grafi Normal
Gramps Normal
GreenMilk Normal
Greenthy Normal
Greggix Normal
Grenarrow Normal
Grimshield Normal
Groay Normal
Grui Normal
Grzdyl Normal
Gutwhip Normal
Gwaed Normal
Hajer Normal
Hala Normal
Halloway Normal
Hanec Normal
Happymonday Normal
Hardinn Normal
Hastanar Normal
Hawk93 Normal
Heehaw Normal
Heffster Normal
Heim Normal
Hellbeam Normal
hemayne Normal
Hexallin Normal
Highlinder1968 Normal
Highstoney Normal
Hildrande Normal
Hisao Normal
Histoire Normal
Hitnpow Normal
HoganSSL Normal
holo79 Normal
Holyfang Normal
Homax Normal
Honith Normal
horroknight Normal
huguettu Normal
Huso Normal
icebyte Normal
Icemerenwen Normal
Idalah Normal
idsyndicate Normal
Ilendur Normal
Iljuna Normal
Illuminator Normal
imagin3 Normal
imaginations Normal
Immune Normal
Impact91 Normal
Ineth Normal
Inora Normal
InsanityGG Normal
insecta Normal
Insomnialol Normal
Intekevin Normal
Iruhaku Normal
Isildron Normal
Isker Normal
Istros Normal
Ivresse Normal
Iwazaru Normal
jacke Normal
jahaha Normal
Jameroz Normal
jananders93 Normal
Janelle Normal
Janey Normal
jarisleif Normal
Jay Normal
Jedeira Normal
Jendjieh Normal
Jessaya Normal
jhino Normal
JKM Normal
joecar Normal
JoelEspinoza Normal
Jorgondo Normal
joshuar90 Normal
Justinia Normal
k9hD Normal
Kafie Normal
Kainda Normal
kalharas Normal
KaliShammy Normal
Kanix Normal
Kaptenknas Normal
katesally Normal
kaylamorak Normal
kayslay Normal
Keegen Normal
Kehan Normal
Keilnei Normal
Kelestrixx Normal
Kenturkey Normal
kepasa Normal
Kilgrim Normal
killersanta Normal
Kinaru Normal
KinKarasu Normal
kiranai Normal
Klausv Normal
Klekkarn Normal
klotan Normal
koifur Normal
kovibenyo Normal
Krala Normal
krambulli Normal
Krepni Normal
Krowi Normal
Kruisadar Normal
kubamar1 Normal
Lachdanan82 Normal
lamemonkey Normal
Lamental Normal
LeeJenkinsRoy Normal
Leeter Normal
LeeterxD Normal
Lellyana Normal
lewis994 Normal
Lexatonil Normal
lic1di Normal
Lightbook Normal
Ligia Normal
lillefjols Normal
Lindquist Normal
linkana Normal
Lionlegs Normal
Lissa Normal
Liumina Normal
Loberfonk123 Normal
Lombra Normal
Lonebonde Normal
Lorayo Normal
Lorethal Normal
LukeVestergaard Normal
Lunaia Normal
Lunarath Normal
lyn Normal
LynxieVice Normal
M0chK0z Normal
Macubble Normal
macvin Normal
Maczlol Normal
MadDread Normal
madrat Normal
Magby Normal
Magico Normal
make Normal
Malacheas Normal
Mandrake45 Normal
Manta Normal
marmotul Normal
marsu Normal
mas Normal
masl Normal
Mathelion Normal
mattster93 Normal
McKael Normal
Meganba Normal
megapala Normal
meltyplonk Normal
Menesiena Normal
menschikow Normal
Meowzerg Normal
meraii Normal
Merdrach Normal
Meriko Normal
mfatal Normal
mickske Normal
mightyboks123 Normal
mihaytiger Normal
Mikk Normal
Mikom Normal
Milapolis Normal
mildred Normal
Milsen Normal
Minoss Normal
MinusEx Normal
Miralibaen Normal
Mirela Normal
Mishanthropy Normal
Misschaos Normal
Mitch590 Normal
Mithrain Normal
Mitsuko Normal
Mittgard Normal
mjauan Normal
Mordeaur Normal
Mowwex Normal
mregeur Normal
MrPebble Normal
muek Normal
munkelina Normal
Muukatar Normal
myrdd Normal
Myrhial Normal
Myzraell Normal
n3xt77 Normal
NagualAD Normal
Nahu Normal
Naius Normal
Namar7 Normal
Nandy Normal
nanothings Normal
Narala Normal
nariac Normal
Narshe Normal
Nartish Normal
nazph Normal
Nebesha Normal
NebulaG Normal
Neki Normal
Nelyeth Normal
Nentus Normal
Neophear Normal
Nepumuk Normal
Neridius Normal
Nevulas Normal
Nickolis Normal
NightcrawlerFTW Normal
nightslayer90 Normal
Nihilistisk Normal
Nimos Normal
Noco Normal
nocster Normal
nolifedk Normal
noryt Normal
NovikNamar Normal
Nueblah Normal
Nursye Normal
nxg Normal
Nyctophobia Normal
Nyiri Normal
oblodra Normal
ockedal Normal
odysseuz Normal
Ohra Normal
oiKaFlorge Normal
Okurina Normal
oNooko Normal
Orthil Normal
Oxudos Normal
Ozlin Normal
PAHallowed Normal
Palo Normal
Paqx Normal
ParcelBomb Normal
pashar Normal
pbekhoj Normal
PeacePeople Normal
Penelope Normal
PennyPal Normal
Percuro Normal
peterbrunton Normal
Phixx Normal
pimplefrog Normal
Pinkdwarf Normal
pitagora Normal
Plagueheaart Normal
Plastkniv Normal
Pocolocoo Normal
pradyumdesikan Normal
PrinsCharmig Normal
Puh Normal
Punkerr Normal
Puttie Normal
Pyregelys Normal
Pyrocanon Normal
qimlie Normal
Qrio Normal
Quarrel99 Normal
Quefear Normal
QuinteX Normal
Quirinalia Normal
Quirinis Normal
Rabben Normal
Raelar Normal
rafVdV Normal
Ragsi Normal
raiderx Normal
Rambo2 Normal
raynors Normal
Razeryxan Normal
rchase Normal
redcat Normal
Redex Normal
Reffoo Normal
Reikja Normal
Reimann Normal
Rekkez Normal
Revo75 Normal
ReyAturo Normal
Rhia Normal
rhiladon Normal
Riccah Normal
Richbu Normal
ricotastic Normal
Riddec Normal
Rixuraxu Normal
Rnbbandit Normal
Robbo258 Normal
RobdeTerror Normal
roby640 Normal
ruffneck Normal
Rumpen Normal
rykypala Normal
SafeFail Normal
sakissafro Normal
Salcia Normal
Sami Normal
Samskeyti Normal
Sapphirea Normal
Saradir Normal
Saymur Normal
Schells Normal
Schiru Normal
Scratz92 Normal
secretpanda Normal
Seenty Normal
Sefirod Normal
Selzer Normal
Sephine Normal
Sequenz Normal
seraph456 Normal
sevy Normal
Sh4dow Normal
Shadowcryer Normal
Shadrith Normal
shaglima Normal
Shallo Normal
Sharpsword Normal
Sheynie Normal
Shifterror Normal
Shimiop Normal
shinu1337 Normal
Shivarra Normal
Shye Normal
shyug Normal
Silberrose Normal
simroman Normal
Sindruis Normal
Sitbon Normal
Sitwell Normal
Sjeffrey Normal
skelberg Normal
Skoogage Normal
Skyberg Normal
skyridah Normal
Slajdarn Normal
SleepyRanma Normal
slpingforest Normal
slushpuppy Normal
Smaj Normal
sniperchief Normal
SniperJebus Normal
Snoken Normal
Snutten94 Normal
Solf Normal
Songokul Normal
Sonrisha Normal
Soraan Normal
Sorbet Normal
soulsododo Normal
Sovex Normal
Specialcrayons Normal
Spidahmunkey Normal
Splath Normal
Spongo Normal
spooderman Normal
Stevan Normal
stianval Normal
Stipa Normal
StormFlicker Normal
Stormsound Normal
Streaky Normal
Suenami Normal
sugarits Normal
sugarx Normal
Suikoji Normal
sukiyo Normal
surrus Normal
Sushifish Normal
Suuky Normal
Swagjuice Normal
SwiftshotQT Normal
Sydalicious Normal
Symbiosis Normal
Systemo Normal
Szk Normal
szycho Normal
t0xaris Normal
Talonia Normal
tamberjr Normal
Taral Normal
Targaerian Normal
Tarleyna Normal
tauber Normal
Tazeon Normal
Tegaela Normal
Tehecna Normal
Telsak Normal
Tempcore Normal
teranoss Normal
TerenasEvo Normal
Thammuz Normal
Thanagarian Normal
Thendris Normal
thesec Normal
TheSpankz Normal
thorgnir Normal
Thundome Normal
Tiliana Normal
Tinkerson Normal
tixie83 Normal
ToonFox Normal
toothydevil Normal
Totemish Normal
Tramor Normal
Trapthat Normal
Trelldom Normal
Triadx Normal
Tronski Normal
Tryjoe Normal
Trylldom Normal
Tsu Normal
Tuern Normal
Turbosame Normal
Turkinakeshik Normal
Turox Normal
tushn Normal
Tweakz Normal
Twinkelle Normal
Tydfil Normal
Tykote Normal
Tyri Normal
uarii Normal
Ujszyx Normal
Ulterion Normal
unreal1357 Normal
valanarr Normal
ValkyrianED Normal
Varuelen Normal
Veiron Normal
veselu6a Normal
Vextorr Normal
Vinceklortho Normal
Vivaldii Normal
Vladno Normal
Volvius Normal
Vyse Normal
Walker95Sam Normal
WalkWithFire Normal
Watts Normal
Weasley Normal
Weidmo Normal
Westdragon Normal
Wildturtle Normal
wolfzgangPT Normal
WoWess Normal
Wunterslaush Normal
xabo1986 Normal
Xaiydee Normal
Xandr Normal
xenofell Normal
Xenois Normal
Xeromus Normal
Xterdo Normal
xunknown Normal
yeticheese Normal
Yevo Normal
Ylluna Normal
yogulus Normal
Yrianna Normal
Yukii Normal
yuuri Normal
zabuzuchi Normal
Zaelth Normal
Zagash Normal
Zarath Normal
Zavigirl Normal
Zefyrus Normal
Zeraa Normal
zet Normal
zetaxt Normal
Zeteya Normal
zhaierra Normal
zherosh Normal
Zinistra Normal
Ziyal Normal
Znaak Normal
zubair Normal
Zynestra Normal


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character image
On Apr 24th, 2016 06:52
Just to let anyone know who comes across this group, this shoutbox is NOT the best/quickest way to get in touch, and is only used for people to join so they can view my events easily! If you'd like to speak to me, send me a forum PM thanks!!
character image
On Jun 22nd, 2015 10:48
Oh, I've been wondering for a while now. Hope stuff gets sorted out soon! Take care!
character image
On May 20th, 2015 17:25
Damn, just "came back" to the game and OR and found out about your situation. Hope everything works out, Aria ;)
character image
On May 9th, 2015 18:59
Hey, sry to hear that you're still in this situation :( If there is something I can do, please don't be shy and contact me, ok? *hugs*
character image
On Mar 16th, 2015 05:29
Needs more daytime fri/sat stuff :(
character image
On Jan 21st, 2015 11:12
Looking forward to the next Highmaul HC run, they're now the highlight of the week! :)
character image
On Jan 18th, 2015 11:00
Perhaps she couldnt make it and cancelled them all. Hopefully everythings ok.
character image
On Jan 17th, 2015 23:27
What happens to the events you had planned for Sunday 18th of January they have all disappeared
character image
On Jan 5th, 2015 19:22
Grats on 600!
character image
On Dec 18th, 2014 23:47
character image
On Nov 17th, 2014 01:11
Aria, gz on lvl 100!
character image
On Oct 16th, 2014 17:51
Getting close ;)
character image
On Oct 6th, 2014 16:53
hello aria :D how can i pm you somewhere?:D:D
character image
On Oct 2nd, 2014 13:06
Ohhh, SoO meta? Weekends :D
character image
On Oct 1st, 2014 00:06
Hey Ariiaa :) would it be possible for you to make one more run for the SoO meta? :) kind regards Nyiri

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