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Welcome to Smooshie's Shenanigans!

The Golden Rule:
  • Don't be an arse.

    Port: 3784
    Password: raidopen
    Smooshie's Shenanigans (toward the bottom)
    Sometimes the channel will have a password. (yeah for trolls... le sigh) and this changes. The password will be posted in the raid chat.

    Twitch: [External Link]
    Logs: [External Link]
    YouTube: [External Link]
    Darkmoon Faire guide written by yours truly [External Link]

  • BTag requests go out early! (Sometimes within 24 hours of the scheduled run.)
  • Invites to join each specific run will go out once about 15 minutes prior to start time.
  • If you miss the initial invite, whisper me in game or ask me in Vent if your spot is still available.
  • Reserves and assist to invite friends happen shortly after. (Basically, be on time or risk losing your spot.)
  • If you are a reserve who received a BTag request, whisper me in game (or ask me in Vent) for an invite. (Reserves are pulled quickly! IE: If you snooze, you lose.)
  • Reserves are pulled FROM VENT! So if you are not in Vent, I will assume you are not online, and you will not be pulled in as a reserve.
  • Please be ready to go, and at the instance on time. It is very rare that I do not pull right at start time.
  • If you are late, whisper me to see if there is still room. If there is, you can still attend. However, we will not stop the entire event and wait for you. That means, get there on your own (do not expect a summon), do not expect for the entire group to wait before pulling a boss, and legendary items might be granted to the person who is next in line and on time.

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events


    Below you will find a list of all fans of this group.

    Name Rank
    Smooshie Owner
    Adarrack Normal
    Adelbrand Normal
    aeonaura Normal
    agGravity Normal
    ajala Normal
    akumadave Normal
    Aleksandir Normal
    alelb22 Normal
    Alyson1997 Normal
    Amarelis Normal
    Anda Normal
    Anion Normal
    AnthonyG70 Normal
    aolen Normal
    aratax Normal
    Archit Normal
    archnemisis Normal
    Arrataz Normal
    artra Normal
    Arwyn Normal
    Arylin Normal
    Ashna Normal
    AttackBacon Normal
    autoshots Normal
    awoodc01 Normal
    AzureNightmare Normal
    Baristolth Normal
    Barneyfife Normal
    bassi Normal
    Bazkalok Normal
    bearllerina Normal
    Bellancia Normal
    Bellon Normal
    Bizzrown Normal
    bj147 Normal
    Blisse Normal
    Blissed Normal
    Bloodlizzard Normal
    Bludweiser Normal
    Blueness Normal
    Bmfstunner Normal
    bonavox Normal
    boombap Normal
    BossRoss Normal
    briis Normal
    Brollgarth Normal
    BTown780 Normal
    BuiBoi1293 Normal
    Bukowskaii Normal
    buriedskoht Normal
    Callida Normal
    caridweyn Normal
    Cathartidae Normal
    ceccilia Normal
    Ceirt Normal
    Celyun Normal
    Chaos965 Normal
    Chewybiteums Normal
    chinshot Normal
    Chrisriat Normal
    chuckleslovakian Normal
    Chuuu Normal
    Clansidious Normal
    cmgp Normal
    Cocknload Normal
    collecter Normal
    Corellos Normal
    Corneilious Normal
    Craig4232 Normal
    Crawling Normal
    CredibleCarlos Normal
    cricketicecream Normal
    crighton Normal
    crimsonotaku Normal
    Crodar Normal
    CrypticCy Normal
    Cudgel Normal
    cwg1980 Normal
    Cyclonus Normal
    DarkDew07 Normal
    Darkhopp Normal
    Darthkikyo Normal
    davcevs Normal
    Dayna Normal
    DeadReckonin Normal
    Deathborne Normal
    Demues Normal
    destroyerdust Normal
    devastated Normal
    Dezdemona Normal
    digivirus Normal
    Dinnak Normal
    Dissonik2 Normal
    Divinas0714 Normal
    DjBoomhower Normal
    Dondaine Normal
    Dragonsclaw Normal
    draziwrok Normal
    Drea Normal
    Dusktide Normal
    Dyree Normal
    Dyslexai Normal
    earakaki Normal
    earthsoldier69 Normal
    Eggwolls Normal
    eliwel Normal
    Elladan56 Normal
    Elround Normal
    ElspethPhil Normal
    Enigmatical Normal
    Erona Normal
    Ethica Normal
    Eto Normal
    Everinlux Normal
    evilpresence Normal
    Exaltin Normal
    Explorcane Normal
    Faithwynn Normal
    Farfic Normal
    Fearfactor420 Normal
    Feedstorm Normal
    Felassan Normal
    Felweaver Normal
    ferdinandofBR Normal
    Feyskalana Normal
    Firedexx Normal
    FireStormRising Normal
    Fisalyn Normal
    fivewits Normal
    Fuzzydice Normal
    Fuzzyhope Normal
    gachi Normal
    Gardem Normal
    garrez Normal
    Garunt Normal
    Geotris Normal
    GFR Normal
    Gissa Normal
    godfather288 Normal
    Gored1775 Normal
    Grannecs Normal
    Grel Normal
    grelwow Normal
    Gronan Normal
    Haellia Normal
    Haileaus Normal
    hallpass18 Normal
    Hanzulu Normal
    Hatori Normal
    Hazat Normal
    Heartless Normal
    heatdoggie Normal
    hedqvist Normal
    Hellsavenger Normal
    Herunmir Normal
    Hetiv Normal
    hgxray Normal
    highdopamine Normal
    Hinalover Normal
    Holelalo Normal
    Hollywood741 Normal
    holyfox6894 Normal
    Hooraka Normal
    hoosyadaddy Normal
    Hortzel Normal
    Hovy757 Normal
    Hyperfox Normal
    Ibat Normal
    imaynothealu Normal
    Inkblade Normal
    Ishamaell Normal
    ishauki Normal
    Isherie Normal
    Isnoeni Normal
    j2tour Normal
    jakali Normal
    JamminBreeze Normal
    Jassis Normal
    jatha Normal
    JCL Normal
    Jesslynne Normal
    Jinxsta Normal
    jjonessec Normal
    JLCII Normal
    johnsmalls13 Normal
    JokerSmile Normal
    jotenha Normal
    jreses Normal
    jujuby1284 Normal
    jukas Normal
    juliiet Normal
    Kabbie Normal
    Kaeve Normal
    Kaidei Normal
    Kairimaia Normal
    KaitieKarma Normal
    Kalgalath Normal
    Kalmaric Normal
    kandiyah Normal
    KandyKhaos Normal
    kann Normal
    karibean Normal
    Karii Normal
    KaruKyle Normal
    Kavatea Normal
    Kayel Normal
    Keefmessiah Normal
    Kelix07 Normal
    Kenpow Normal
    KingCrimson054 Normal
    kingtig Normal
    Kinkajou Normal
    Kinyta Normal
    Kolnevar Normal
    Korbun Normal
    Kowvorka Normal
    Krevan Normal
    KrosisNazgrel Normal
    Krystine Normal
    Kualija Normal
    lakewitch Normal
    LastDK Normal
    lastzero Normal
    Laudovica Normal
    Lazeehl Normal
    Leileix Normal
    Leonee Normal
    Liquicity91 Normal
    lithy Normal
    LiveLeak Normal
    lolee Normal
    Lolteemo Normal
    Lostika Normal
    LShope Normal
    lunesa Normal
    Lustygg Normal
    Lyric Normal
    Lyricsa Normal
    Mahune Normal
    makingbacon Normal
    Malbaratar Normal
    Malchia7 Normal
    Malificent Normal
    malinear Normal
    Malinok Normal
    Mallain Normal
    mannyrizzy Normal
    MarkedAngel6469 Normal
    marlonhades Normal
    mattcopp Normal
    Mcgobbtock Normal
    meatbells Normal
    melechesh Normal
    Mellanthe Normal
    Meolae Normal
    MeowImdaddy Normal
    Mictain Normal
    mileskg21 Normal
    Missraven Normal
    mjharris8 Normal
    mmullin1 Normal
    Monichan Normal
    mordeckai Normal
    Mordim Normal
    mpg1982 Normal
    Mrwulfe27 Normal
    mushroomhermit Normal
    mxpsych Normal
    Myricle Normal
    mystic1979 Normal
    Nabs Normal
    Nahimahna Normal
    Nameless Normal
    namiuoD Normal
    Nattydread Normal
    NewFADS Normal
    Nivelle Normal
    Nordak Normal
    Nostalgist92 Normal
    Noxcunae Normal
    Nushizu Normal
    Nyke Normal
    Obsidian311 Normal
    Obtained Normal
    Olyyne Normal
    onokom Normal
    opustwo Normal
    Orfals Normal
    Orlaan Normal
    Osas Normal
    Osofuerte Normal
    Osskto Normal
    pajamapants Normal
    paksanghyuk Normal
    Peeguyen Normal
    Pennclick Normal
    Phideas Normal
    phucduma Normal
    Pilfers Normal
    Poundbeef Normal
    powiethepanda Normal
    Psif Normal
    Pyrae Normal
    Qualanthar Normal
    Quindrake Normal
    Raebies Normal
    Ramenlulz Normal
    Ravmoo Normal
    rayvash3r Normal
    rebel14 Normal
    RegalBeagle Normal
    Rhannor Normal
    Ritchee Normal
    Robbz Normal
    robinw Normal
    Roddimus Normal
    Roflcrisp Normal
    Rowla Normal
    Rrezz Normal
    RYER Normal
    Rzsupra Normal
    Saaliq Normal
    Sacina Normal
    Sarkax Normal
    Sarral Normal
    Saudi Normal
    Savare Normal
    Scathanna Normal
    schismal Normal
    Schlately Normal
    Sciezka Normal
    Scorna Normal
    Scumo Normal
    sdcamel Normal
    Seejin Normal
    Selce Normal
    selinakyle Normal
    Sephidoth Normal
    Seraphion Normal
    Sereannon Normal
    SEROHS Normal
    shaarronn Normal
    shadowforms Normal
    Shadowskunk Normal
    Shinglings Normal
    shmoozle Normal
    Shupani Normal
    Siegrorc Normal
    Sirsully Normal
    siwu Normal
    Sixxkill Normal
    SkylerX10 Normal
    Sluggs1 Normal
    Smio Normal
    smitte95 Normal
    SmoothMelody Normal
    SocialKonstruct Normal
    Sorrck Normal
    spamsmolytic Normal
    Springlol Normal
    squirrelacus Normal
    Stamango Normal
    starre Normal
    Steamanubis Normal
    steveneson Normal
    Suna Normal
    sunshine014 Normal
    Syl Normal
    Synkh Normal
    Syphurr Normal
    Tairy Normal
    Talby Normal
    Tannlin Normal
    Taskgar Normal
    Tatahe Normal
    Taztrada Normal
    Teddyrux Normal
    Teetzchoppi Normal
    Tenshidono Normal
    thecactuar Normal
    Thecause Normal
    Thilmore Normal
    Thirty5er Normal
    thomasshock Normal
    Thrallusson Normal
    timdotcom Normal
    TKCartman Normal
    TKOEF1112 Normal
    Tombrock Normal
    torrential Normal
    Tostenebrae Normal
    Totemrecal Normal
    TremusPaladum Normal
    Trouter99 Normal
    Tsunega Normal
    Tural Normal
    Twizzlefunk Normal
    Twomoons Normal
    twopac187 Normal
    Ugzilla Normal
    ultima254 Normal
    UncleHank Normal
    Unholywrath Normal
    Vaalyn Normal
    Vaargrimm Normal
    Vardamir Normal
    ven Normal
    Venerestra Normal
    Viandaran Normal
    Viellia Normal
    viledead Normal
    Visage Normal
    Vizionary Normal
    voyager Normal
    vyanne Normal
    WalkerRS Normal
    warsmurf Normal
    warwolfe Normal
    Welkwood Normal
    Weretree1 Normal
    whirlin Normal
    Whitebunny Normal
    Wildtiger Normal
    willowbird Normal
    Willstroker Normal
    Wiltavian Normal
    wobboble Normal
    wreckafool Normal
    Wrought Normal
    xamott Normal
    xirhas Normal
    xRaili Normal
    Yearning93 Normal
    Yekun Normal
    yk1989 Normal
    yzzie Normal
    zackin Normal
    Zadi Normal
    Zado Normal
    Zaiaku Normal
    Zanfu Normal
    Zazou Normal
    Zelgoddess Normal
    zerti Normal
    zimmy130 Normal
    Zlacko Normal


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    character image
    On Mar 26th, 2016 20:12
    Love to see this is still going on. Have a lock I need to get wrapped up. Gears are there, but rest needs work.
    character image
    On Feb 16th, 2016 17:08
    Hey guys! Save my BTag to keep in touch! My list is full (again) so I have to remove some people. :( So, please save my BTag to keep in touch! YetiCat#1984
    character image
    On Feb 16th, 2016 17:07
    We'll make sure you get the achievement :)
    character image
    On Feb 10th, 2016 21:34
    Hi Smooshie! I am trying to sign up for Herald of the Titans with my hunter that is in the guild and it keeps saying "Not eligible" I've googled but can't figure the problem. Any suggestions? Is it my gear? I plan on getting it spiffed up before the run.
    character image
    On Sep 20th, 2015 08:17
    wow I really need to check this more... (sorry for not responding sooner guys!)
    character image
    On Aug 8th, 2015 23:25
    I heard Smooshie is buying Pizza for the group! I call dibs on the double pep thin crust! :P xd
    character image
    On Jul 26th, 2015 05:10
    hey smooshie, I saw your weekend normal hellfire raid and I would like to join you for next week if its cool. i'm balanced/resto/guardian. druid. have done 9/13 H. btag is majorbaddie#1175
    character image
    On Jun 23rd, 2015 09:15
    Glad you're feeling better! Miss you. <3
    character image
    On May 27th, 2015 09:06
    Hi Smooshie, sorry I been sick, 6 month vacation :( but I am better cancer clear. I will be back probably in a few months, I miss you guys :)
    character image
    On Sep 23rd, 2014 21:53
    Sorry about today's raids getting canceled. :( I've had a migraine for the last two days and it's finally (just now) starting to let up, where I can look briefly at my computer screen. Looks like tomorrow will be good (and maybe raid tonight?)
    character image
    On Sep 15th, 2014 01:16
    FinalBoss.TV and OpenRaid! Should be a blast guys! Week #1 here: [Event: Epic WoW Battle R1 - Horde]
    character image
    On Sep 14th, 2014 16:55
    ROFL Lanarus!!! That's awesome!
    character image
    On Jul 22nd, 2014 16:17
    Think I'll do "Retro Raiding." Several Herald runs already up at the end of August and Sept!
    character image
    On Jun 17th, 2014 22:32
    Well, my big girl PC is here. Still doing updates, and adding software, WoW, addons, but it should be done very soon!
    character image
    On Jun 14th, 2014 00:13
    RESCHEDULING THIS WEEKEND'S RUNS!!! There are severe thunder storms this weekend (and we always lose power) and my "broken bad laptop is broken" keeps blue screening (video card is dying). On a good note, a new computer has been ordered (all parts to arr

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