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Hey - A few people were requesting raids or requesting a place where they could see all my events. I thought a group would be more helpful for your guys! So here it is, here you will be able too see the events I do and comment request events you would like me to do for you guys!
Don't be shy!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


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Name Rank
Raerity Owner
13thNemesis Normal
Adawhen Normal
Aelonis Normal
Amalia Normal
Angellyca Normal
Annietje Normal
Arac Normal
arca Normal
Ardarius Normal
Ashh Normal
Astrea Normal
Avoria Normal
Balruq Normal
Bodypillow Normal
Bruujah81 Normal
c3po Normal
Cadfeal Normal
Carnet Normal
Cassiopeia Normal
chris80m Normal
Conh Normal
Cooli Normal
Cowbiou Normal
Cutthroat Normal
Darkos Normal
Devilix Normal
Deylol Normal
Docywocy Normal
Draxlez Normal
Drezzy Normal
Duffin Normal
Eathelyn Normal
Elexias Normal
Enhanced Normal
Erica2667 Normal
Erutani Normal
evilburny Normal
Evolet Normal
fanmm Normal
Flaski Normal
flyfish Normal
freeboski Normal
fuluga Normal
Gillie2tat Normal
grombor Normal
Hakesh Normal
Highstoney Normal
Hildrande Normal
icebanan Normal
j4yc3e Normal
Jessibelle Normal
Karuna Normal
Kaxaherter Normal
krulltak Normal
Leffzor Normal
Lorayo Normal
Lorethal Normal
Magnox Normal
Manweru Normal
Mathesis Normal
Maxlazy Normal
mikane Normal
Milapolis Normal
Moila Normal
MrPumba Normal
myrdd Normal
Mystch Normal
Nandy Normal
nazguli Normal
Notfur Normal
Nursye Normal
Nyfsa Normal
Ordan Normal
PhatGoose Normal
Pranja Normal
qimlie Normal
Rantsi Normal
rchase Normal
Reikja Normal
Sakanade Normal
Scurry Normal
Semhi Normal
Shadrith Normal
Shawtynab Normal
shellshock Normal
silantro Normal
skt1995 Normal
Sleipnjir Normal
smallkid Normal
Tarleyna Normal
thesec Normal
Tikiya Normal
Tntdruid Normal
Triadx Normal
Tsaranoga Normal
Turam Normal
Valasca Normal
VanquisherHeals Normal
Veej Normal
Vilane Normal
Vladno Normal
Vorun Normal
Wreckanize Normal
Xortag Normal
Yoonie Normal
Yukster Normal


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character image
On Oct 16th, 2014 09:52
Sup Ria! Will we see another ToT run soon?
character image
On Oct 7th, 2014 16:56
ToT Normal and HC for achievements!
character image
On Aug 25th, 2014 09:58
why u no make fl raid next week? =)
character image
On May 30th, 2014 13:42
Nice and smooth run. As promised.
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On Nov 21st, 2013 00:12
Hii :) Just curious if you will ever do ToeS and HoF hc clear anytime soon, havnt joined a raid guild yet so 544 ilvl! but yea looking for group for them you can catch me online if you create one :)
character image
On Nov 16th, 2013 10:02
character image
On Nov 6th, 2013 16:09
Would like to do Flex part 3 and 4 for achievements - only missing thok and 1 more buff from the Klaxxi

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