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Welcome to worgs group

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going forward i will run nothing from the site. Those that would still like to run with me can add me Worggy#1983 keep in mind i will mostly be doing PVP in the future.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


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Abertren Normal
Abihail Normal
Absinthrix Normal
Accalia Normal
adne Normal
aguyuno Normal
Ahaarii Normal
Akishaa Normal
akumadave Normal
amalathea Normal
AngelHUN Normal
Antaros Normal
Aricelle Normal
Arimore Normal
Asot Normal
Avalana Normal
Ayawaska Normal
Azzron01 Normal
bakedscone Normal
banion Normal
Bearfur Normal
beccaseraph Normal
behub Normal
bethia Normal
BioSC Normal
Bostyn Normal
Bradley1021 Normal
Brignar Normal
BriM86 Normal
Brotherdark Normal
Brownhorn Normal
brrbear Normal
Brrooklyn Normal
Busajja Normal
CallMeBob Normal
ccmccoy Normal
Celticparadox Normal
cghasiri Normal
chawagon03 Normal
Cocknload Normal
Criticize Normal
Cronub Normal
CrypticCy Normal
Dahni Normal
Dariun Normal
darknothin Normal
dashize Normal
davisaj9 Normal
Devka Normal
Diesik Normal
Dinaer Normal
discpunky Normal
donutmaestro Normal
dook6 Normal
Dookles Normal
dreampuff Normal
drkrbrts Normal
Dupope Normal
earakaki Normal
Eldeonas Normal
Erad Normal
Eskymo Normal
evilpresence Normal
exolaris Normal
Farfic Normal
Farryn Normal
Fatallock Normal
Fauster Normal
Fexu Normal
Fizzlle Normal
Frostwraith Normal
Gabrielw Normal
Galadeus Normal
Garunt Normal
Getfoxy Normal
Ghunne Normal
Gnashoba Normal
Grazro Normal
Greiss Normal
Grel Normal
grelwow Normal
Grimsparkle Normal
Grithus85 Normal
Gurubatal Normal
gymmy2014 Normal
Hamacus Normal
Healicase Normal
hecam17 Normal
highasakite Normal
Hilmode Normal
iamchurch Normal
IgorsMistress Normal
Ingersaul Normal
Inveracity Normal
Issar Normal
Jaxavis Normal
jinxgirl Normal
jjevtic78 Normal
jokeller Normal
joulianm Normal
Kabbie Normal
Kaboomxx Normal
Kaeve Normal
Kalika Normal
kamiya Normal
Kao123 Normal
Kelsi Normal
kingkittan Normal
Koriandyr Normal
Kriegerbot Normal
Krylee Normal
Kuminside Normal
Laroche Normal
LetTheVibesIn Normal
lif Normal
lilbear Normal
Littlestar Normal
LiveLeak Normal
lnonbrer Normal
locksteplol Normal
Lousassle Normal
lunariss Normal
maron2119 Normal
Mcsquizzy Normal
meili Normal
metaldom Normal
Mih Normal
Milyardo Normal
Molnjir Normal
mooriffic Normal
mushroomhermit Normal
nameistaken Normal
nateclay Normal
Nefman Normal
Neston Normal
nickscolari Normal
nicocba Normal
Nighethunter Normal
Nvs Normal
Oct Normal
oldnice Normal
Olorin Normal
onasen Normal
Orgrimash Normal
Orrick Normal
padnan Normal
PanoramicPanda Normal
peach140 Normal
Pennah Normal
pickname Normal
Powertrip28 Normal
Pride Normal
Priestiality Normal
Pulsare Normal
punkfanda Normal
Purity999 Normal
Pwnicide Normal
pyrolios Normal
r0sarin0 Normal
Raineigh Normal
RarityBelle Normal
Redbear Normal
Roddimus Normal
rompastoma Normal
Roselilith Normal
Roswyne Normal
rothomp3 Normal
Rrezz Normal
Runawaynow Normal
Rundaz Normal
Runforyourlife4 Normal
Ryanna Normal
Saboku22 Normal
schmackie Normal
sethplate Normal
shadowdot Normal
shadowfuri Normal
Shadowz21 Normal
Shanaenae Normal
SirHaakon Normal
Snigglie Normal
Sorrck Normal
Sosick Normal
spechick Normal
Speedoman Normal
Spetz Normal
Stirner Normal
stubyflipper Normal
SuperfluousViking Normal
Swiftstomp Normal
Synaide Normal
terrygalam Normal
thejunshen Normal
ThePreserver Normal
thomasshock Normal
tknebel Normal
Tmn Normal
Tombrock Normal
Tommy40Hands Normal
Totofeo Normal
trexbecky Normal
tronterjr Normal
Twiztd Normal
tybaltknight Normal
Tyrendian Normal
Valoriann Normal
vickos Normal
Voidshatter Normal
voluptuous Normal
walt1967 Normal
warriorbear Normal
Weber Normal
Wraithgaze Normal
wumderbean Normal
wuvius Normal
wyattc Normal
Xarbos Normal
XariX Normal
xinghua Normal
xmk1 Normal
xoro Normal
xPauly Normal
xRaili Normal
Yekun Normal
Yulliva Normal
yura Normal


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character image
On Aug 6th, 2014 12:18
sorry all, all cm's been cancelled due to a string of appointments we had just found out about yesterday ill still try to put some smaller events on but we will be to tired to do all the cm's we were planning. I did do announcement and put it in the canc
character image
On Apr 24th, 2014 23:27
Yeah, saw them all when I returned from my daily expedition outside :-). Thanks.
character image
On Apr 24th, 2014 21:41
Continuation... Hope this is just an artifact of how you are creating these events, not an indication the events are going away :-(
character image
On Apr 24th, 2014 21:40
At the time of this writing, I notice that May's (2014) events, Horde-side, have only been populated with the Wednesday evening/Thursday morning events (at their usual times). This leaves the Thursday evening and Saturday/Sunday evening events "missing".
character image
On Apr 20th, 2014 16:25
Anymore flex runs or any achievement runs? I haven't had any runs with you in awhile since you've been doing normals because I raid with my guild. :(
character image
On Mar 18th, 2014 20:15
(it cut off my last word) just let me know.
character image
On Mar 18th, 2014 20:14
Now that cross realm has been enabled for normal too, would you consider turfing one or two Flex runs and establishing a normal run with higher requirements? Cuz I'd be ALL over that. :) If there's anything I can do to help make that happen, just let me
character image
On Mar 3rd, 2014 04:31
Well thanks :) glad you enjoyed
character image
On Feb 27th, 2014 06:17
First time with ya tonight Flex 3-4. Owned so hard.

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