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Running the following Raids:

HFC LFR {Ideal for Beginners to learn Boss Mechanics and Strats}

HFC Normal Run {Geared towards players who have experience in Flex}

If you are interested in any other raids not listed drop me a PM. I occasionally change my raids from time to time depending on the feedback i get

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Below you will find a list of all fans of this group.

Name Rank
Gryhmoor Owner
mogarth Moderator
Accalia Normal
Acronyms Normal
airmonos Normal
Allcool Normal
alucardan9 Normal
Alyxan Normal
Anddeh Normal
AndrewReject Normal
Angkor Normal
Aogo Normal
Apollo15 Normal
arashii Normal
Aristolochia Normal
arkhammer Normal
arshesnie Normal
Ashheal Normal
Ataleo Normal
aunima Normal
Aurae Normal
Ayawaska Normal
Baalavatar200 Normal
Baghwan Normal
Balinors Normal
Barneyfife Normal
Bayledomon Normal
Bchopz Normal
beatingdog Normal
Bellaluna1722 Normal
beta1457 Normal
bj147 Normal
Blason Normal
Blayyd Normal
blutrache733 Normal
BonusMop Normal
BooBooKitty Normal
Brando97 Normal
BTown780 Normal
caelstraz Normal
cakeless Normal
Chaosborne Normal
chelbig695 Normal
Chooky Normal
chuckleslovakian Normal
Chuuu Normal
commander2131 Normal
Coralorchid Normal
cptcuddlepants Normal
Credance Normal
crighton Normal
crimsonotaku Normal
Cruormortis Normal
cwtroy Normal
Cyannelf Normal
cyclonend Normal
cynfuldeed Normal
Daltheer Normal
danfow22 Normal
danft Normal
danieledelberg Normal
Dapperdan Normal
DarkJett Normal
Dawgsoldier Normal
dbz2005 Normal
Deathdawn Normal
delphyne Normal
Dergald Normal
Dethkgrip Normal
Dezdemona Normal
Dianaz Normal
Dimension Normal
dingosaurus Normal
dizzmain Normal
Docnsane Normal
dogeuser Normal
Doirdyn Normal
Dondaine Normal
dragnqn Normal
Drea Normal
Dulera Normal
Dyree Normal
EGN Normal
Elfjitsu Normal
Elround Normal
Em1X Normal
Emoria Normal
Encore3 Normal
Ettorahc Normal
Evzor Normal
facemount Normal
Fatallock Normal
Felhad Normal
Fenixreign Normal
Firedexx Normal
foru21dr Normal
Freaken Normal
gafgarian Normal
Geasszzm Normal
GettingSassy Normal
ghanburighan Normal
glyttch Normal
Gokussj Normal
Gold27 Normal
Gored1775 Normal
Gorthag Normal
Gott Normal
Grel Normal
grelwow Normal
Gunner31 Normal
hampork Normal
Hannes6425 Normal
harrissenior Normal
Healzmeup Normal
Heartless Normal
herbertxxx Normal
highdopamine Normal
hollocopter Normal
Hortzel Normal
iamchurch Normal
iCarbon Normal
Ishamaell Normal
Ishanay Normal
Isherie Normal
Itachi21 Normal
italianbronco Normal
jakali Normal
jamb Normal
Jaquiel Normal
jeffnontario Normal
jims2321 Normal
Jinnxed Normal
jjevtic78 Normal
Johnnyboi Normal
JokerSmile Normal
Joycross Normal
juanjorogo Normal
Kaeve Normal
kagemiko Normal
Kahunax Normal
kaijinboo Normal
Kalgalath Normal
Karii Normal
Kavatea Normal
Khamadin Normal
kilgarrah Normal
killercomps Normal
Kinkajou Normal
Kirnal Normal
Klav21 Normal
Klymene Normal
Konkero Normal
Kragkrit Normal
Kuat Normal
lazs Normal
Le0hart Normal
Leejoesph Normal
Levana Normal
Leytuhas Normal
Linvala Normal
Livewirejsp Normal
Lorelinn Normal
Loverlie Normal
Lucentoid Normal
Luxybear Normal
Malchia7 Normal
malxsbro Normal
Manikku Normal
marcelre Normal
Mariva Normal
maron2119 Normal
memoryblock Normal
Meolas Normal
MercerSkye Normal
Merkinya Normal
mess Normal
metakin Normal
Miru Normal
MissileMech Normal
Misttt Normal
mmullin1 Normal
modelsinc Normal
modernwitch Normal
Mohealzyo Normal
Moobycat Normal
Moose Normal
MysticStarfall Normal
Mythric Normal
Nachielous Normal
Nerag Normal
nickscolari Normal
Nidoranity Normal
Nipher Normal
Nisaome Normal
Norad4 Normal
numbersoul Normal
nyria Normal
OloCircle Normal
orlandini Normal
Osskto Normal
Palerider Normal
pawnscum Normal
Pdwz Normal
Polarhound1 Normal
QueenofEOD Normal
R4CK Normal
Raamak Normal
Raccoon Normal
RagingBull Normal
Ravmoo Normal
rawtasaur Normal
rebel14 Normal
redbonja Normal
Reidas Normal
renanwow100 Normal
repoman0326 Normal
Rinandra Normal
rls Normal
rochajoe11 Normal
Roswyne Normal
Rotapan Normal
Royvol Normal
Runforyourlife4 Normal
Ruskiekai Normal
Saetheroth Normal
Salliria Normal
Salothos Normal
satansmunki Normal
Savare Normal
schismal Normal
Scorna Normal
scubasteve4 Normal
Seayn Normal
Seltz Normal
Seressa Normal
Sergru Normal
SetaStyle Normal
shadow42085 Normal
Shanaenae Normal
ShortestBuoy Normal
shortyelks89 Normal
simonsez00 Normal
Skyhoof Normal
Sluggs1 Normal
Smooshie Normal
soDarc Normal
sodeepop Normal
SoftBaked Normal
Spatter13 Normal
Springlol Normal
Starhanta Normal
stec Normal
sulhogar Normal
SuperfluousViking Normal
SuperRad Normal
SurferGeek Normal
Tarbhdonn Normal
Tazrach Normal
Tenshidono Normal
Thachel Normal
Thanory Normal
TheDukeMan Normal
TheFi Normal
ThunderNimbus Normal
Tonianater Normal
Translucer Normal
Trebloh Normal
TrevKharma Normal
Triforcing Normal
tripwirescars Normal
turaknor Normal
Twohell Normal
Tyrendian Normal
uria Normal
Vaden Normal
Vainglory Normal
Valatra Normal
Vare Normal
Vavrinec Normal
Viandaran Normal
Viellia Normal
vikkus Normal
Vistel Normal
Voidshatter Normal
Volust Normal
Vorttam Normal
voyager Normal
vulak Normal
Waifu Normal
Wiltavian Normal
WolvenAncestor Normal
wyattc Normal
WyzrdX Normal
Xarbos Normal
Xhor Normal
xPOONERx Normal
Xsjado7 Normal
Yekun Normal
YourmistressFox Normal
Yurgle Normal
Zarinda Normal
Zariou Normal
zazzix Normal
zer0tolerance Normal
Zhavuus Normal
Zibatchi Normal
zimmy130 Normal
Zinom Normal
zoltar118 Normal


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character image
On Nov 7th, 2014 22:15
Thank you so much Gryh for creating these raids and allowing people that do not have time to raid on a fixed weekly basis to join and get geared up.
character image
On Oct 8th, 2014 14:29
I appreciate you helping the less fortunate so I have joined your group for future assistance towards the cause :)
character image
On Oct 7th, 2014 23:43
Hey I applied for your raid for tomorrow. Im the Warlock. I have multiple 14/14 n and herioc exp. Just need to know ahead of time if you want to bring me on that toon so I know if I need to join another pug
character image
On Jun 28th, 2014 19:05
Hey about a Mogu Heroic run!!

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