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Welcome to Lyken's Raids! Everyone of all levels and types are welcome! I mostly do achievement runs, however there are a lot of times I will also do heroic runs, dungeon runs, or just random tiny achievements. Everyone is welcome to choose what they want to go to, and sign up. As well I also have a forum thread, if there is anything you are looking to do that isn't already set up feel free to let me know and I'll do my best!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


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Name Rank
Lykenlova Owner
Alferic Normal
Amore93 Normal
aratax Normal
brrbear Normal
burmei Normal
Corride Normal
Countingthree Normal
Ewalleus Normal
Grandros Normal
Helmsdeep Normal
honorata Normal
Jagent Normal
kags Normal
Lamorak Normal
Lottick Normal
Nahimahna Normal
Oathkeyper Normal
peashooter Normal
Railath Normal
Rurk Normal
Sereannon Normal
Solar Normal
starre Normal
Tenshidono Normal
viper1886 Normal
Wiltavian Normal
Wrassiderp Normal
xZora Normal


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