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Welcome to CY's Raids !

  • You ask yourself what is Cy's Raids? A group that promotes PUG raiding for all players to enjoy current and old wow content.
  • How long have we been around ? Raiding on, since around July 2013
  • What kind of groups should I expect? We run laid-back and low-stress raids. We focus on drama-free raiding with the goal of downing content.
  • What kind of raids do Cy's Raids run? You will find some FLEX, LFR, NORMAL, HEROICS and ACHIEVEMENT runs throughout the weeks.
  • Questions about Cy's Raids ? Please feel free to message me on the forum I will be happy to answer any questions.

    Currently looking for an assistant raid leader to help run current raids and assist with flex, normal, and heroic raids. Please message me on the forum if you are interested. This will be a great asset to Warlord of Draenor.

    CRYPTIC YODELING - (Cy's Raiding Guild Hyjal)
    About this [Cryptic Yodeling]
    Cryptic Yodeling is a semi-hardcore, progression-minded Horde raiding guild on Hyjal-US server. Our raid leader is Cyotem, a respected mod from Open Raid, who has extensive experience leading raids. While the guild is new, its founding members are all talented veterans of WoW. The guild focus is on fairness, progression, dedication, and honesty. We raid 2 nights per week (Wednesday and Friday). For the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion, we will be raiding all levels of content. Our raid groups emphasize teamwork, respect, and excellence. We also welcome players of all levels who are interested other aspects of World of Warcraft.

    Cryptic Yodeling was formed from raiders from our successful SoO Weekly pug of over 40 plus weeks of raiding. We are currently progression 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic HM, 10/10 Normal, 9/10 Heroic BRF. As of 4/10/15 [/color]

    Recruitment is OPEN:</span> [External Link]

    [CRYPTIC YODELING] Raid Schedule
  • Wednesday Weekly 8:30pm Est - Heroic 30m 1of2
  • Friday Weekly 8:30pm Est - Heroic/Normal (Clean Up) 30m 2of2
  • Monday Weekly 8:30pm to 11:30pm Est - OPTIONAL Day / Not always used for raiding


    (For all Cy's Raids)
    1. 18 Years or older.
    2. YOU MUST SIGN ON THE PLAYER YOU ARE ATTENDING THE RAID. This makes raid planning a lot easier.
    3. Must be open willing to listen and understand not every raid is perfect and wipes happen. I like keeping a laid back raid. Come prepared. This means: know the fights, know your class and role in the fights, and have food/flask in your inventory
    4. Like to have a good time and enjoy raiding. No drama needed
    6. ILVL Requirements might change from raid to raid depending on what is needed.

    As raid leader I reserve the right to add and remove any players at my discretion. I will do my best to police the raid for any activity that will hinder the raid. At times there are things I might miss, fell free to message me. Lower ilvl chars might be brought along to fill spots if needed to fill raid and does not hinder the raid. Again this is at discretion of the Raid Leader. Any questions fell free to message me on

    (Changes in raid schedule):

    (Ilvl, times and other items may vary due to changes.) (TIMES MANY VARY)

    These raids are NOT GUARANTEED to be weekly. I run these raids when my schedule permits with work and personal life. (TIMES MANY VARY)

  • Saturday 1230pm Est- Normal/Heroic
  • Saturday 830pm Est- Normal/Heroic
  • Sunday Random Times- Sunday Fun Days = OverPowered LFR / Random Flex Carry / Achievements and so on
  • Sunday 1230pm Est- Normal/Heroic
  • Normal/Heroic - These are done without signups and post in Horde Only Chat.
  • Achievements - These are done once every few weeks to help people get there Achievements.

    LINKS and OTHER Information for CY'S RAIDS:

  • AskMrRobot [External Link]
  • Twitter Account = @CrypticCy [External Link]
  • Twitch Account = [External Link]
    MINIONS INC. - (Tue/Thur Raiding Guild Hyjal)

  • Tuesday <Minions Inc Guild Run - Weekly 9:00pm to 12:30am EST -
  • Thursday <Minions Inc Guild Run - Weekly 9:00pm to 12:30am EST -

  • Minions Inc. [External Link]

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events


    Below you will find a list of all fans of this group.

    Name Rank
    CrypticCy Owner
    Abihail Normal
    Absinthrix Normal
    Aguzz Normal
    Akishaa Normal
    Allandro Normal
    Anda Normal
    Andorion Normal
    Arisulla Normal
    Arrior Normal
    Asphodell Normal
    Aurae Normal
    Bearrogue Normal
    behub Normal
    BetaFlame Normal
    bladz01 Normal
    Blazedcow420 Normal
    Blisse Normal
    Bluudbath Normal
    Brollun Normal
    Bryher Normal
    Bsirk Normal
    calabera Normal
    CaptainKuchiki Normal
    caridweyn Normal
    castille Normal
    Cataia Normal
    chazz90210 Normal
    Coolwhip Normal
    cragnar Normal
    crighton Normal
    Daaze Normal
    Daethrone Normal
    Darkmaw Normal
    Devro Normal
    Diaess Normal
    Diesik Normal
    Djowco Normal
    Docsarvis Normal
    drbird3 Normal
    DrBoone Normal
    ducati Normal
    ebola182 Normal
    Egocat Normal
    Ellsbeth Normal
    Elyxia Normal
    Elzie Normal
    Enygma42 Normal
    evilpresence Normal
    exeftw Normal
    Explorcane Normal
    feenam Normal
    ferdinandofBR Normal
    FinDarkmagic Normal
    firekings Normal
    FireStormRising Normal
    Flendor Normal
    Gamblerbetting Normal
    garrez Normal
    Gefaustet Normal
    godfather288 Normal
    Graverobber141 Normal
    Grel Normal
    grelwow Normal
    Grimsparkle Normal
    Gronked Normal
    Handbanana Normal
    haretisch Normal
    harrissenior Normal
    Hasst Normal
    heatdoggie Normal
    Heximus Normal
    HIvee90 Normal
    iamchurch Normal
    Ibat Normal
    Incognegro Normal
    Jaaven Normal
    Jamonsta Normal
    jjonessec Normal
    Jyzmn Normal
    kahlu Normal
    kandiyah Normal
    Kao123 Normal
    karnail Normal
    Karolzj Normal
    Kenpow Normal
    Klen Normal
    KPri Normal
    Kumqatninja Normal
    Kynpachi Normal
    liquidsilver Normal
    LittleBuddy678 Normal
    locksteplol Normal
    LovelyZoe Normal
    LShope Normal
    Lucifersam Normal
    lunesa Normal
    Lytah Normal
    maggy1612 Normal
    MajorKryme Normal
    Mame Normal
    Manikku Normal
    mariichan Normal
    Maritas Normal
    marrlee Normal
    Mausoleum Normal
    Medjai Normal
    Metalwrath Normal
    minymee Normal
    mirri Normal
    moesley Normal
    molevz Normal
    Molnjir Normal
    Moltac246 Normal
    Mythric Normal
    nachoballs Normal
    nameistaken Normal
    nateclay Normal
    Nihmm Normal
    Nosajdivad Normal
    Nulian Normal
    Onyxeyex Normal
    Opressor414 Normal
    pafantini Normal
    pasak1987 Normal
    Peros007 Normal
    powiethepanda Normal
    r0sarin0 Normal
    Ragane Normal
    Raylicious Normal
    Relachi Normal
    RnGD Normal
    rtting Normal
    rumancoke Normal
    Ryfye Normal
    Saevia Normal
    Sathariel Normal
    scottyatp Normal
    Sephurik Normal
    Sereannon Normal
    Shamazing719 Normal
    Shawnifur Normal
    Slotter Normal
    Smellyfeet Normal
    Smooshie Normal
    Solstrum Normal
    Sorrck Normal
    Sparhawk77 Normal
    SPAWN7589 Normal
    Springlol Normal
    Starscrream Normal
    Steavon Normal
    straith86 Normal
    sunshine014 Normal
    synaria Normal
    Tahurgrumm Normal
    tantann Normal
    Teedubb Normal
    thefuga Normal
    Tickdock Normal
    tinieblass Normal
    TitusofHyal Normal
    tjl81 Normal
    Trendee Normal
    Tupou Normal
    Turtlewpbt Normal
    tybaltknight Normal
    Tyranea Normal
    Tyrendian Normal
    UlicQel Normal
    vaasik Normal
    Veiltear Normal
    Vizz Normal
    Vorrez Normal
    Wrath1980 Normal
    WUKONG20 Normal
    Xocolet Normal
    xRaili Normal
    xsist Normal
    Xumbreguete Normal
    Zahmer Normal
    Zanati Normal
    Zaydinator Normal
    zefurjhn Normal
    Zomgraider Normal


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    character image
    On Oct 28th, 2014 20:36
    I'M YOUR #1 FAN!!! =P
    character image
    On Sep 25th, 2014 11:33
    Saturday night H SoO this week?
    character image
    On Jun 11th, 2014 04:42
    6/14/2014 Raid Had to be moved due to personal commitment
    character image
    On May 21st, 2014 21:26
    May 21st - Update on raids. Due to lower numbers the last few weeks and it being harder to fill. Some of the raids will be removed . I will be still raiding but just not as many full clears as 4 a week. Most likey going down to 2 a week.
    character image
    On May 5th, 2014 05:16
    Weekend of MAY 17th and 18th I will not be at the raids. I will try and find someone to run the raids . I will let everyone know more about this the weekend of 10th and 11th
    character image
    On Apr 14th, 2014 22:59
    Saturday and Sunday Raids are canceled this week due to the Easter Holiday. Saturday and Sunday Raids will cont. on the 26th of April

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