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About OpenRaid guilds

Basically you are now able to register your guild here on OpenRaid. An OpenRaid guild will allow you to combine multiple World of Warcraft guilds into one, with a combined guild website and feeds. Aside from that, you get an OpenRaid guild chat channel which you can use to stay in touch with your fellow guild members. Convert your guild website to an OpenRaid guild website today.

OpenRaid providing guild websites? When do I use this, and why?

Basically, an OpenRaid guild is a small "subcommunity", which exists out of one or more guilds. An OpenRaid guild is right for you, if...:
  • • You are in a World of Warcraft guild and you would like a free guild website**.
  • • You are in a World of Warcraft guild and you would like to use OpenRaid to raid more.
  • • You would like to join forces with another World of Warcraft guild. Much similar to a "guild alliance" back in the day!
If you have a domain you'd like to point towards your OpenRaid guild website you are of course free to do so. If you would like a subdomain (http://YourGuild.openraid.), please contact us. Note: Some names are reserved.

Well, I could use this as guild website, but...

If you would like to use OpenRaid as your guild website, but you are missing a feature, please do let us know! We'll be happy to implement that for you. You can use forum or our support form if you are missing anything.

So this is a "subcommunity". What do I get?

This is what you get**:
  • • A fully featured guild website with: guild news with comments, a private guild forum, customizable pages, a guild gallery and much more.
  • • A public shoutbox to communicate with potential members... and a private forum to communicate with your guildies!
  • • Find new members for your guild through OpenRaid! (better yet: have them find you through our recruitment page)
  • • Upload images to your gallery right from the website. We will host them for you!
  • • Roster of your guild automatically imported from
  • • Combining multiple guilds into one, to form an "alliance" (Horde, you know we love you!)
  • • Invite friends to your OpenRaid guild that aren't even in your World of Warcraft guild.
  • • Did we mention, this is all free? There are no "premium" packages - all the features are yours. There are no ads on your guild website*.
  • • Soon to come: additional themes for your guild website!

In short: You get a free, fully functional guild website! You can use OpenRaid for guild recruitment and planning events.

How does it work?

You should know that an OpenRaid Guild is not a World of Warcraft guild. You can even use a different name.

To keep it simple: an OpenRaid guild contains one or more World of Warcraft guilds. To explain further:
1. An officer or guild master of a World of Warcraft, can register it as OpenRaid guild.
2. Multiple World of Warcraft guilds can be combined into one big OpenRaid guild.
3. Your guild members that have an OpenRaid account, are automatically added to the guild.
4. You can join OpenRaid guilds without being in the linked World of Warcraft guilds!
5. You can be in multiple guilds, and WoW guilds can be linked to multiple OpenRaid guilds!
We hope this helps keeping your guild and raids fun and exciting.

Note: Kicking, promoting or demoting someone in your OpenRaid guild will not do the same in-game.

Linking more guilds

If you would like to link multiple guilds together, see below image for a quick overview.

To summarize the above image:
Create (Register) your guild on OpenRaid, if you haven't already.

Invite your friend to your OpenRaid guild. He/she does NOT need to be in your actual WoW guild!

Promote your friend to officer for your OpenRaid guild (again: not your World of Warcraft guild!).

Your friend can now link his or her WoW guild to your OpenRaid guild here!

* Depending on how popular the guild website feature gets, we may decide to put up optional ads. You will be able to switch these off.
** The service comes as-is, without warranty or uptime guarantees. We will, however, do our best to keep the service clean and functional!