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Important Message: Regarding the Panser CM Group

Author: Darrie   Posted: April 14, 2014 @ 22:53   51 comments

Hello friends,

I want to take a moment to apologize to those in the community who were offended, frustrated, or confused about us facilitating a 9/9 Gold group for WoW community influencer Pansershock, otherwise known as TradeChat.

The idea behind this arrangement was that we would have some our OpenRaid members (please note: willing participants, nobody was forced) run with Panser to get her 9/9 Gold in a four hour window, live streamed and then turned into Videos on her YouTube channel.

This definitely hit a wrong note with many of you. This was not our intention. Sometimes, business is just business: we saw an opportunity to reach a new corner of the WoW community and offered what we can offer: a solid, professional group of players who wanted to be participants in this event.

Unfortunately how it came across was that we were breaking our own rules, or at the very least, the spirit of our own rules. This was never our intention.

A lot of you became very vocal. We had to moderate the news thread. I personally stand behind that moderation and make no apologies for that: you can't troll, insult, or otherwise abuse the special guest. I encouraged people to email me instead, and I've responded to all those emails. Further people have become vocal in a Reddit thread, including two ex-moderators who have chosen to add their two copper. That's totally their prerogative. We continue to wish them well in their adventures outside of OpenRaid.

The advertising for this group has ceased. The group will carry on as there were indeed people willing to participate in this group and help her out, and the group in itself breaks no rules. Four people are willing to run her, that is totally up to them. Nobody, at all, is giving or receiving any sort of compensation for joining this run.

Live and Learn. And then raid some more.

Thank you all for your continued support of OpenRaid.

Signing off, with kind regards as always.

Operations Director

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On Apr 17th, 2014 15:33
Hey guys. We are going to go ahead and archive this. It will still be accessible directly if you have the link but won't be showing on our homepage any longer. We seem to have hit the wall with feedback, nothing new or constructive is really being offered at this point. We've moved on, Panser has moved on, it's time for some of you to do the same. Back to business as usual - helping people achieve the impossible.
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On Apr 17th, 2014 10:52
What's interesting to me is how Panser is getting all the hate when it wasn't her idea to begin with. Openraid approached her with the idea, she was on board, Openraid then post the run stipulating multiple 9/9 clearance experience as a requirement to join. Everyone loses their minds claiming Panser's looking to get carried because she's e-famous and has breasts. Openraid were the ones selling the whole "come play with Panser" angle, not the girl herself. I guess it's to be expected that Panser would cop the flak for all of this since she's the only recognisable "face" involved. But it seems more than a little unfair since this was Openraid's concept, Openraid's selling of that concept to its community, and ultimately Openraid's mishandling of the entire thing that brought us here.
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On Apr 17th, 2014 10:40 Edit
Paser @ /2 Tradechat will be making a promotional video for OpenRaid. Looking for kind OpenRaid members to join her in clearing Challenge mode Dungeons. This will result in more active people using OpenRaid due to Panser's big fan base, and will help OpenRaid be a better place for all those people using it. How is this a bad thing ? - I really don't understand the haters logic. See this as a chance for a selective few to pay back to the OpenRaid Staff, that is working hard, and for free. How about making a grp to carry Ozzy Osbourne through Siege of Orgrimmar on Heroic mode. With live stream and face cam. - Would haters still cry about that ? Note. Consider this a official application to join that raid!
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On Apr 17th, 2014 04:56
Challenge Modes are not that hard ... Heck MSV gear is enough to get them done no problem. Well maybe Shadopan Monestary ... the Sha of Violence in there was brutal back in 2012 with the lack of abundant socket-items like now.
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On Apr 17th, 2014 02:43 Edit
I want to be carried. Lmfao
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On Apr 16th, 2014 14:58
Who? Cares.
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On Apr 16th, 2014 07:39 Edit
Honestly I personally don´t see the problem with any of this, what I don´t understand though is the fact that people really like to troll and be abusive even if there is nothing to rage about, litteraly. That just beyond stupid and you should really go sign for the cm events if u wanna get your golds if you just came to throw abusive/troll for no reason. Then you you should find something else to do, there are many great events here on openraid, everyday! Stop trolling and stop acting like 4yrs old, have a nice day.
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On Apr 16th, 2014 01:56 Locked
May I get carried then? I am a 9x 9/9 gold (300+ Golds completed) experienced player tired of leading groups and helping others finish theirs and looking to finish the last of my characters doing nothing but cheering. Please carry me pls, you will receive a lot of appreciation for your efforts. You're welcome to post an event asking for a carry. Perhaps your friends and supporters will oblige. -Moderator
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On Apr 15th, 2014 21:11
We have no rule that says you can't be carried on OpenRaid. It happens every single day. The people who signed to go know what they are getting into and don't care. You are acting like we tricked some people into carrying her. There are people out there who enjoy Panser and her videos and want to go. Their reasoning isn't ours to judge.
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On Apr 15th, 2014 20:22 Edit
@Darrie " It is now no different at all from any other group on OpenRaid and people are welcome to sign, unsign, or straight up ignore it." You can't undo what has already been done and it is now most definitely a carry run. Banning her would be completely silly and over the top, but allowing this run to happen with OR approval (keeping the event active) sets a very bad precedent, especially when she has never done ANYTHING as a member of the OR community before.
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On Apr 15th, 2014 19:22 Edit
Don't see what the problem is CMS are very easy to get, when they first came out I was so taken by the paladins CMS set that I said I'm getting that. I came on here and got a pug running and lead it my self for 3 days straight and got it on my own. Was pretty tough back when it came out because noone knew what they were doing, get out of town and get off your butt and go get them. Since I'm now experienced at them took me 2-3 hrs on my alt to get all of them. If you're really bad well then get better, this game has become so casual people think everything should be handed to them which may be what people are thinking about this event. Who cares that's why openraids so awesome, you wouldn't be able to find people if there wasn't a forum such as this to look for like minded people.
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On Apr 15th, 2014 18:49 Edit
As people have stated, carrying on trolling ect after Darrie has made a public apology is only making those people look childish. I'll admit that as a leader that actively hosts *Beginner* challenge groups and consistently bring people with little or low experience to them, and proudly let them come out with golds, that seeing the post on the news disappointed me a bit, but having these people literally bullying Panser for something that OpenRaid organised is wrong and absolutely pathetic. Let us remember that OpenRaid is an awesome place though :)
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On Apr 15th, 2014 18:01
We are inviting constructive feedback only. Insults and offensive language is not allowed. -Moderator
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On Apr 15th, 2014 17:54
@Darrie, fair enough I think you've done all that you can. I mostly meant that you should cancel the promotion, banning her for doing nothing but what you invited her to do is out of line. With the promotion over all this is just water under the bridge as people are free to carry whoever they want.
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On Apr 15th, 2014 17:11 Edit
It'd have looked more legit if her history showed she actually USED OpenRaid in the past for events. Nope, her first "event" was looking for people with multiple characters 9/9 CM Gold. If she really wanted to do something "for the fans" she would have done a Flex run where you can take 24 other people of varying skill and gear.

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