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Upcoming community events in Early 2017

Author: Bellancia   Posted: December 4, 2016 @ 05:11   9 comments

Greetings fellow OpenRaiders,

Over the next few months, were are looking at posting a few community events for the entire OpenRaid community to enjoy.

The upcoming community events early 2017 will be the following;

- Naked Raiding: Enter a raid with yourself and as many fellow OpenRaiders as you can gather, clear as much as the raid as possible while your toon is wearing no gear at all. The only allowed gear will be your weapon.

- Glory of the ..... (5 mans): 5 man dungeons and work on the Glory of the ____ achievements as a group. Each week will be a different expansion.

- Glory of the ..... (Raids): Same as the 5 man's, but in raids.

- Super Classy Raiding: Enter raids wearing the most fancy gear you can find.

- Mythic dungeon

- Class Raids (example: druid only, pally only)

- Race only raids (example: Night Elf only, Tauren Only)

Have any more ideas? Post them below.

Poll: Which one of these early 2017 events are you most looking forward to?

Notes: Poll order is randomized every time. Poll outcomes are never binding.

Naked Raiding
Glory of the ..... (5 mans)
Glory of the ..... (Raids)
Super Classy Raiding
Other (Enter in comments field)
Legion Mythics
Class Raids
Race only raids
Total votes: 88

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On Jan 5th, 2018 01:45
I’d love for any of the Glory of..... Btag Dave#1669
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On Dec 23rd, 2016 02:15
Looking forward to it!
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On Dec 19th, 2016 15:24
SO i loved your naked run idea as well and did it with my guild even with clear rules ppl were still wearing their gear. Had to kick them from the group. We rain SoO H 10 man and with 5 people and no gear it was super duper easy. SO great idea but you will blow through old stuff. Neall does all the old glory of the _____ (Raid) and continues to minus the holidays so i would focus on the stuff he doesn't do. IE the mythics and raids and make those fun. Just my two cents. Love this place!
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On Dec 13th, 2016 21:33
Already organising runs like this...
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On Dec 7th, 2016 04:05
in line with the class raids, we could do a "light side" raid with only Paladins and Priests. A dark side raid with DKs, DHs, Warlocks could also be fun (even if missing healers)
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On Dec 5th, 2016 08:56
@Hune and @Lelendra, Love the ideas.... added to the list.
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On Dec 4th, 2016 22:45
I would love to see some mythic dungeon runs
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On Dec 4th, 2016 13:07
I know this only really works with some classes, but doing a raid with only one class (druid/monk/pally/dk).

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