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Community event: Glory of the ..... (Raids) - April events started

Author: Bellancia   Posted: December 15, 2016 @ 12:30   12 comments

Greetings fellow OpenRaiders,

As voted by the users of OpenRaid, For the next few months, we are will be focusing on the meta achievements for the raids listed below;

January; - Event Completed
Glory of the Raider - 10/25
Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
Glory of the Legion Raider (The Emerald Nightmare)

February; - Event Completed
Glory of the Draenor Raider
Glory of the Ulduar Raider - 10/25
Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider

March; - Event Completed
Glory of the Cataclysm Raider
Glory of the Thundering Raider
Glory of the Firelands Raider

April; - Current Events
Glory of the Lich King Raider - 10/25
Glory of the Pandaria Raider
Glory of the Legion Raider (The Nighthold)

When you post your raid, enter tag '#glory' at the start of the name for your event to appear in the filter below;

Click Here for all posted events.

Note for Raid Leaders hosting these events: 10 Bonus rep will be rewarded to any raid leader which has a successful raid which meets the following criteria;
- The raid must contain 5 or more OpenRaid members which attended the event
- The raid must be evaluated
- You must be the event creator and raid leader on OpenRaid
- Your raid must contain #glory at the start of the name
- Bonus rep will only be rewarded between January 1 till May 14, 2017

How do I claim the bonus rep? Log a support ticket with a link to the event. 1 event per ticket.

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On Jan 27th, 2018 14:02
I need to do all the events in febraury??? how do I sign up??
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On Jan 4th, 2018 09:20
I'm still need last 3 achievements for Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider and the Tomb one, if somebody would gather a group for thoose, I'm in ;)
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On Dec 13th, 2017 02:56
I really need a bunch of these achievements. Come on Neall let’s go brother!!!
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On Dec 8th, 2017 23:27
Hi, i am interested to join groups on some glory achievements but i don't know what to do to join a group can someone help me please cheers i play as a undead frost mage item level 935 thanks
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On Dec 4th, 2017 15:43
I need all of the above I am missing one or two from some then a bunch from others, ty
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On Mar 14th, 2017 15:15
Is the re any run for alliance? I dont see any on search for new content
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On Mar 6th, 2017 03:39
I'm hosting a run for Nighthold achievements on 03/18,
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On Feb 22nd, 2017 21:06
I was hoping to see Legion achievement runs...either dungeons or raid achievements. Is anyone running those?
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On Jan 9th, 2017 06:14
Is there a demand for Glory of the Raider or Glory of the Dragonsoul Raider runs? I can run them if people want them. Comment here if you want a run
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On Jan 5th, 2017 04:17
Glory of the Legion Raider event is located here: More events to follow.

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