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Characters Updating, new Raid added and new regime coming.

Author: autarch   Posted: June 25, 2017 @ 03:50   13 comments

TL'DR: Backend fixes have been made so characters should update AND the new raid has been added and there will be a technical management transfer.

Longer story:

Back in December I posted about the problem we were having with the people who took over maintenance of the site and that they were fired. I had an old friend do a me a favor, get the site back up and try to get it stable, but his schedule didn't allow him to do anything on a regular basis.

Right after all this went down another company inquired about purchasing Zerg (which consists of ZergID, OpenRaid and some other things). What was SUPPOSED to be a quick thing.. well.. like most things its taken a LONG TIME. Part of this has been my desire to keep OpenRaid alive, because in reality, all they really want is Zerg's database and the other assets. They asked me to come in, take over P&L for one of their divisions and help them conceive of how keeping OpenRaid open benefits their long term strategy, which involves some really cool AR/VR gaming concepts. But, where does a raiding tool for a single game and/or a combined social network for gamers fit into this?

As these negotiations went on, I was basically unable to hire anyone to do anything. This is from both a time perspective (I was heavily in the weeds with the other division, another project I have been consulting on) AND an optics issue... I had to show them that basically OpenRaid could run itself with the community managers handling support tickets and wouldn't have a reliance upon hiring human resources to keep it going. Remember, this was a site that was basically maintained part time by a single developer for many years on a not for profit basis.

However, over the last 6 months blizzard made some minor changes which had a major impact (it was a simple URL change), but it caused characters not to update and of course they added the new raid. Luckily, I was able to get the original developer to hop in and make those changes and assure me that simple things like this will not be a big deal going forward, as he recently simplified his life to have more free time.

As of last week, I got the final okay to do the deal WITH OpenRaid and ZergID staying up. The longterm goal remains the same. To create a combined website that can encompass many aspects of gaming, crossing different platforms, while allowing you to have a single gamer identity. This will now need to fit into the VR/AR strategy of the company that will be purchasing Zerg.

What does this mean to you. Ultimately, you shouldn't see ANY change in the day to day operation of OpenRaid. They MAY change from google adsense to a different ad provider, but that is pretty much it. You may see a video ad here and there. (They also own a company that serves video ads, so they may want to implement it). They will not be putting their name on the site, URLs will remain the same. OpenRaid and ZergID (and the over 1.2 million gamers who have signed up for one or the other service) will become part of a larger gaming strategy that will hopefully open the door to a new future in both gaming and how gamers can connect w/o revealing personal information.

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On Apr 12th, 2018 22:26
please keep this alive! It's an awesome site!
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On Nov 1st, 2017 06:22
about time something giving us an idea what was going on with OR
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On Oct 25th, 2017 17:33
Thanks for keeping OpenRaid alive :)
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On Sep 27th, 2017 17:36
Hi, any news over this months?
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On Jul 21st, 2017 00:04
Thank you for all of the work!
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On Jul 7th, 2017 01:28
On a kinda-sorta related not, I have been noticing a ton of those pesky 500 error messages again recently. Any chance the new mgmt team would be able to assist with that again?
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On Jul 7th, 2017 00:26
From everyone at the Learning Raid groups: thank you soooooo much for working so hard to keep OpenRaid up and going for all of us. Our groups could never have formed otherwise. <3
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On Jul 6th, 2017 19:51
Have the image issues been resolved because some are still not displaying? They seem to still be fairly old images still even when refreshing. Also is there a way to have the Legion raids have actual icons added? Thanks!
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On Jul 3rd, 2017 21:10
Yes, I believe character images SHOULD have been covered. It was just a minor change to the URL that Blizzard was using.
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On Jun 29th, 2017 17:11
Thanks for the update! :-)
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On Jun 28th, 2017 09:40
Minor issue but still I'd ask: the portrait for the characters I transfered recently are still not showing. Was this supposed to be fixed with this update? If not, do you plan to fix this?
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On Jun 25th, 2017 13:40
Thank you for your work, it is appreciated! OpenRaid is great!

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