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About hosted events

What is a hosted event?

A hosted event is an event led by an raid leader that is an OpenRaid moderator that is specialized in leading. These events are generally easier to join, and have more experience people in the group, allowing you to learn how events work and complete new encounters.


What can I expect? How does an event become 'hosted'?

A hosted raid leader generally has a lot of leading experience. These are friendly and patient raid leaders with a talent to explain encounters and lead large groups. As such, most hosted events go very well! Expect a fun raid, as with any other OpenRaid event, and a fun atmosphere. 

If you are interested in becoming a hosted raid leader, you can always apply here.


The rules

The same rules apply to hosted events as with any normal event. We're all just people - do not expect magic. All we ask is that you bring a prepared character and that you stay friendly and patient; the same as with any other raid.


OpenRaid is not responsible in any way for anything that occurs during the hosted event. Hosted event leaders are volunteers that are doing this to make OpenRaid a fun and useful community. For more legal information, please view the terms of use.