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Level 80 Blood Elf Protection/Fury Warrior
EU-Nordrassil - 19835
Exceptional (100%) attendance
Toraljien, Herald of the Titans
<Icecream Citadel>

Friendly (6%) - reputation details
232 average item level
(225) equipped
4.0 2 votes
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Default role: Tank

Member since: July 31st, 2017
Last on OpenRaid: 14/05/2018 16:27
Last synchronisation: 22/06/2018 11:11

Raid Progression

  0/7 LFR    0/7 Normal    0/7 Heroic    0/7 Mythic 

Blackrock Foundry:
  0/10 LFR    0/10 Normal    0/10 Heroic    0/10 Mythic 

Hellfire Citadel:
  0/13 LFR    0/13 Normal    0/13 Heroic    0/13 Mythic 

Challenge modes (WoD dungeons only):
 Silver Medals: 0/8
 Gold Medals: 0/8

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Toraljien is part of the following guilds:

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Toraljien is part of the following groups:

Name Information
Herald of the Titans 396 Fans
Herald of the Titans Group LF 135 Fans
herald twinks 23 Fans
Herald run today starting now 18 Fans


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Herald of the Titans EU-Horde (average 3.34, 2 votes) Last: Tue 5 Sep 2017, 15:00


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Toraljien [Main]

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Level 80 Blood Elf Warrior
Item level 232 / 225
Nordrassil (EU)
Protection    Fury