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Your Preferences

This page will let you customize OpenRaid to your liking.

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Chat settings

Be sure to reload chat after changing chat settings.
Show "Online" in chat by default
Pad chat lines and add separators (like in old chat)
Show faction and region icons in chat
Join General chat automatically
Join Support chat automatically
Join Oceanic chat automatically
Join PvP chat automatically
Join your home channel automatically (--, depending on your default character)
Play a sound when you are sent a whisper in chat (requires you to reload chat, Chrome/Firefox only)
Play a sound when a message is posted in the Support channel (requires you to reload chat, Chrome/Firefox only)
Allow chat to time out after 2 hours
Use legacy chat connections (use if chat doesn't connect)

OpenRaid customization

Show OpenRaid website achievements when I earn them
Show stream "Live" status in the menu bar (Wide theme only)
Automatically open the private message inbox when I have PM's
Skip to guild page when clicking the 'Guilds' tab
Show upcoming events in the sidebar (on the homepage)
Show a Groups link in the right-top corner of the site
Order of event categories on the events page
  • My Events
  • Event Invites
  • Friends' Events
  • Group Events
  • OpenRaid Hosted Events
  • Upcoming Events


Got a favorite page you often visit? Copy/paste the link in the below box to get this link left of your portrait (as an orange link)
Custom link: (This is just for you! Could be any link, outside OpenRaid, too)

Private Messages (PM box in the right bottom corner)

Show the PM box in the right bottom corner on all pages
Allow the PM box to play sounds upon receiving a message (Chrome/Firefox only)
Block anyone not on my friendlist from contacting me


Hide timezone warnings
Show a notification that you can view the event page as one
Show event pages as a single page (no tabs)
Show event history on events page
Don't invite me for events

Reset hidden raids


Tick any of the below notifications you'd like to see.
Event related notifications
Boss kills
Items acquired
Game-specific Achievements earned
OpenRaid Achievements earned
Allow sounds to play in chat (upon receiving a whisper)